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Small Yard Gardening

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  • "My town is so small.,..........." Join in!

    ...didn't even have a stop light ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden Bear More

  • The Small Roto tillers. My Experience 2006

    The Small Roto-tillers. Choice of a four stroke Honda or Mantiss is excellent NEVER a two stroke. They eventually become a hassle when starting, no mattter how careful one is with the gas and oil. I bought mine last year (Honda) and it has to be my most valuable tool… More

  • Small Garden Idea's

    ...am currently working on idea's for my small urban garden and would like to know if any of you have any idea's. It would need to have a patio and I was thinking of not having any lawn as its such a small space. Also I like the… More

  • Small purple flower

    Hey guys, does anyone know what kind of flower this is? (note: photo appears below) Thanks! More

  • Small mystery blue flower

    Hello, can anyone help me to idetify this small blue plant? The photo was taken near Lake Victoria in Uganda. The flower is about the same size as borage. Thank you for your help! Francesca More

  • replanting small trees

    ...ng trees in fall. I'm thinking about digging up a small mimosa and moving it to my new garden spot. When would be the best time to actually dig up a small tree? And how big a plant should I choose? More

  • small blue perennial flowers to ID

    ...andmother brought it to me yesterday from her own garden. She called it a bluebell, but it doesn't look like any bluebell I could find online. Thanks! More

  • small bush

    Hello I have a small flower bed in front of the house size 3' by 5' and I would like to plant a small bush or tree in one corner of it and then plant different sized of zinnia's and some kind of small flower in front I like to… More

  • small tomatoes and peppers?

    I have some 8-year-old tomato and bell pepper seeds that I'm trying to start. I figured if they didn't come up, I'd just go and get seedlings next month. However, I just lost my job and am not sure if I'll have a new one in time for spring planting.… More

  • Mending a broken small trunk!

    ...his morning backing up my car a hit and broke the small trunk of a flower tree, I'm extremely upset. I tied up (like you do with a broken arm or leg) with string and used (sorry) duct tape around it hoping that the two broken parts will "glue" themselves.… More

  • trouble with water hycinth and thinking of adding a small fountain

    ...rted working on a water garden in my mother's backyard. I'm turning an inground swimming pool into a pond. The pool hasn't been used in 2 years and we just basically shut all the pool pumps off. I added lots of water plants like water hycinths, parrot feathers,… More

  • Planting small vegetable seeds. Durgan's Method.

    ...s/nh6x Planting small vegetable seeds in the home garden can be a difficult both in spacing and depth, and keeping moist until germination. Commercial seed tapes are one method, but they are difficult to handle, and all are often not available, plus the cost is high. My method is shown… More

  • A Small Purple Plant

    I am trying to identify this small purple plant. It is used as a ground cover here in California. The attached image is not great. I hope someone can supply the common name and/or the scientific name. Thanks More

  • small green catapillars

    Ok i have one rose that is getting eaten up by small green catapillars, I pulled 3 a couple weeks ago and another 2 this week, they are about 1/2 3/4 long and light green "hard to find on the plant" an ideas of what these might be?? More

  • Small mystery tree

    this is a photo of a small tree taken near lake victoria in uganda. Can you help me to identify what it is? Thanks, Francesca More

  • Small wild flowers

    I don't know it's name and I haven't seen it before,however,I like it when I saw it.Does anyone see it before? More

  • New to gardening, want to try veggies

    ...put in some vegetables in a small spot of the backyard. I only have about a 20 x 30 space to work with. I was thinking about some raised beds because of the limited space. Where do I start? More

  • New at Gardening in general

    Hello! Last year I attempted growing some herbs from seeds but a few weeks in they all up and died on me! I said forget it. This year I bought a sweet basil plant and it was around 4" and its about 9" now! I went to Lowes today and… More

  • Gorilla Gardening

    ...the cause but as a mother and business owner in a small community I am a bit chicken. More

  • Small Favor

    I'll be going on vacation for a week and I need somebody to water my geraniums while I'm gone. They will need to be watered daily unless it is hot, then twice a day. Do you know anybody who lives in the area who could help? Because I don't have… More

  • New to Gardening

    ...ive in new york state. i have the space to grow a garden, now, and that's just what i'm hoping to do. i'm here to get ideas on how to keep my garden naturally. i have composted manure...and an endless supply of manure, for… More

  • need help new to gardening

    btw i posted this as a blog also... I'm LOST. Gardening is something i've never really done before. i'm REALLY excited for this coming spring, because i'm not working and i'll have tons of time on my hands. well as much time as you can get with a 2 year… More

  • filling up a big hole in the yard

    I had a pond in the yard..in the ground. My ex husband was going to reline it and he moved all the fish to a kiddie pool. We divorced before the hole was filled. I am happy with the fish and plants in the pool, but the hole was not… More

  • All sun container gardening

    ...0 tulips, peonies, verbena, and on down to a very small full sun area. Need ideas of what I can plant in full sun that will survive in a small area. Thanks and have a sunny day. Stella More

  • Looking for small greenhouse

    I've been searching online at some of the stores and I can't find the one I'm looking for. I could swear Target had it last year but was sold out. I'm looking for something like a four to five shelf greenhouse that sort of looks like a bookcase. Just something… More

  • Small hedge?

    I need a hedge that will grow in full, and preferrably stay green or at least colorful (not just sticks) all year. I need to be able to keep the height of them uniform at about 3 1/2 to 4ft tall. I know there are box hedges, but I was… More

  • Small victories...

    Yeah, the only thing that was missing was a nice dense scoop of French Vanilla ice cream! Just plop it in the seed cavity and go! More

  • Looking for a small tree, please help!

    ... I recently moved into a ground floor flat with a small front garden. I would like to plant a small tree but I am struggling to find one. I was hoping to find a tree that will not grow much bigger than 2 meters as I do not want… More

  • Chipper and Shredder ( Yard Machine) and Composting

    http://xrl.us/pdxv http://xrl.us/q7gy 24 July 2006. This ten horespower machine is used to chop up all waste foliage. I make a pile of foliage, and when there is enough I wheel the machine out, and chop up the waste. It only takes a few minutes. I use to do this with… More

  • Burying a soaker hose in a small patch of lawn

    Hello, I have a long, narrow strip of ground out in front of my house that is between my sidewalk and the street. I'd say it is roughly 2' in width and 40' long. This is also known as a parking strip, from what I hear. At the moment, there… More

  • Gardening in small spaces

    Hi all, I am new to successful gardening. Oh, I am no stranger to gardening, I just used to be a really good serial plant killer. I told you I was new to "Successful" gardening. :0 Anyway, I would love to expand my gardening horizons. Some of you probably have… More