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  • Boxwood Shrubs Shriveling Up

    ...a bed (4 FT by 12 FT) with 6 3-4 year old Boxwood shrubs. One was attacked by some disease, turning the leaves yellow and then bone-dry brown within 10-12 days. After removing the shrub, the disease attacked another shrub with the same outcome. I am desperately trying… More

  • Best shrubs for full shade area?

    Can anyone tell me the best shrub to plant in a full shade area. I was looking at Dwark Evonymus or Compact Japanese Holly. I don't know if these would be good choices or not. Thanks for any replys. More

  • Trees, shrubs, vines, etc.

    ... around the perimeter of the yard using trees and shrubs. One particular area I am having trouble with is my front walkway: I have a garden at the… More

  • Shrubs with purplish blue berry cluster?

    I've been trying to find out what these shrubs are for 6 years! They came with the house. Here they are last month, turning a weird color, with berries that the birds seem to dislike. In summer, they're a very light green with tiny, ,white flower clusters. They grow INCREDIBLY… More

  • too late to plant grass seed and shrubs?

    hello everyone, i am a very new gardener. i love in new jersey and have spent the past 5 weeks cleaning and tilling out my lawn until it is the cleanest, nicest dirt in all of our area. the trouble is it took us so much longer to prepare the… More

  • Dead Trees and Shrubs!

    ...wo dead trees and an almost dead flowering almond shrub! We don't want to look at dead trees all summer! What's up with the landscape companies? These wouldn't be such huge jobs as… More

  • Keeping woody shrubs bushy

    If I want to keep my woody shrubs bush-like as opposed to tree-like do I prune them like Ron taught me to prune my forsythia - removal of about 1/3 of the branches (oldest first) after they flower? I am talking about lilacs and a honeysuckle specifically. More

  • Honey Bee Trees and Shrubs

    I would be interested in what trees and shrubs honey bees use for pollen/nector in your yard. I am a new bee keeper and, although I realize the bees go far, I am putting in plants (on my 1.5 acre lot) that bees like. More

  • Can anyone help me id shrubs?

    ...well with my flowers, but when it comes to bushes/shrubs I have little knowledge of the different varieties and how to care for them. We have several types that were part of the… More

  • Evergreen shrubs

    I have two evergreen shrubs that I can't recall the name, but all I know is that I really hate them and want to replace them with something else. They are those low-to-the-ground numbers that are supposed to be good on slopes for erosion control, etc. CAN'T think of the… More

  • tree like shrubs

    ...ze this description. I am trying to identify some shrubs that have a woody stem and green, draping foliage at the top. They look like small trees and are about 3 to 4 ft. tall. They have beautiful… More

  • Suggestions for shrubs

    I didn't know there were different spireas. I see lots of the same one here. I liked them but now I see the flowers are brown this time of year. More

  • moving with my shrubs

    I am selling my home and moving 2 hours away. I am in zone 7. Is it ok to dig up my viburnums and hydrangeas, and put them in pots? I was planning to do this the end of October. Do I need to shelter them during the winter months… More

  • ID of shrubs anyone?

    ...lly has blue berries in the Fall. The fourth is a shrub that had been cut… More

  • Shrubs/Hedges/Bushes

    We are looking but not sure which one we want. And we don't know much about the ones on the list. PS. sorry it's spelled "Euonymus Alatus Compactus". More

  • growing the best shrubs in what soil?

    ok I have a few questions can shrubs grow in any sort of soil possible? my parents have some shrubs that they want to grow and many of them have been pulled out because they die:o well I cant help that.... anyways. i was trying to experiement which soils I… More

  • Deer eaten shrubs

    The deer went mad on my shrubs this winter. I plan to cut back the damaged part of the rhododendrons, fertilize, and hope for the best. The yews I'll just fertilize and hope for the best. Does anyone have advice for how to get these shrubs healthy again? The yews… More

  • need privacy shrubs

    My back yard slopes downward toward the back fence, making our 6 ft. privacy fence more like a 4 ft. fence. We have a 2 story house behind us, and I'm sure they don't want to look down on our yard anymore than we want them to. I need something… More

  • Propagating shrubs

    I'm eager to propagate shrubs to keep in my holding bed till I get my new house at our farm. I'd appreciate any and all tips from anyone who has been successful in this regard. More

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