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Seed & Seedling Preparation

Seed & Seedling Preparation Articles

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  • Seed Site Had to share

    ...e that are relatively new to harvesting their own seed. http://www.theseedsite.co.uk/seedpods.html I just had to share. :D There's a list of Latin Names, but once you enter, the common names are listed. The site has pictures of the seed location, a… More

  • Mystery in a seed packet...

    Hello! I'm new to the site and new to gardening- I've been growing herbs on my windowsill and just moved to a place with a backyard, so I'm hoping to expand my plant life a ton this year and next. Right now I have one pressing issue...identifying a HUGE plant.… More

  • Cosmos from seed problem...

    Hello All, :) I have Cosmos' seedlings that have sprouted to be about 4-5" tall so far. I have them all hanging onto each other's ID stick identifying which Cosmos' they are. If I didn't, they'd be laying in the soil and the top of the 3" peat pots...is this… More

  • Zoysia Seed Anxiety

    ...go. About 1 week after, I saw what I thought were seedlings growing, but turned out it was a weed (I believe… More

  • too late to plant grass seed and shrubs?

    ...area. the trouble is it took us so much longer to prepare the… More

  • What can you harvest from seed?

    ...so we all know you can harvest tomatoes for their seeds. (can you do so with store bought tho?) I am personally growing a lemon tree from a common lemon seed bought at the store. I know you can also grow garlic in the same fashion, onions, potatoes. But… More

  • When will you start your seed?

    ... winter. I have been thinking about starting some seed soon "early start = good in northern climate" however these overwintering plants are taling up window space. I will figure something out however i was wondering who will be starting seeds when More

  • Vintage Seed Template for making your own Seed Packets

    I know some of you make your own Seed packets; I have tried making them but my experience has been they don't travel very well via mail. If you are interested in making your own Seed Packets, this is a good link where you will find designs for vintage vegetables,… More

  • Seed Saving Resources

    ...ill be of help with providing information on Your SEED Saving. Gary/Louisville Basic SEED Saving describes usful terms and concepts: http://www.SEEDsave.org/issi/issi_904.html Wintersow SEED http://www.wintersown.org/wseo1/SEED_Saving.html SEED SAVING RESOURCES http://homepage.tinet.ie/~merlyn/SEEDsaving.html The Need For SEED A Guide to SEED Saving By Brook Elliott Brook wrote this article for… More

  • Growing Hosta from seed

    I have some Hosta seed that I would like to give a try. I have been looking around on line and have gathered a bit of info, some of it contradicting. Has anyone here grown them from seed? If so, what was your methods and results. I am hoping to… More

  • orchid seed question

    A seed pod developed on my orchid.... is this usual? Can I plant it..? How? Thanks!! More

  • Growing lantana from seed?

    I just found a little envelope full of seeds I plucked from my lantana last summer. Does anyone know about growing lantana from seed? I live in zone 6 so lantana are annual for me outside, but I had mixed success keeping them alive over the winter in a sunny… More

  • cheap bird seed

    This is why i like cheap bird seed in the fall. More

  • Growing Onions From Seed

    I want to try growing onions from seed this year. Usually, I just get sets in the spring. I picked up a pack of Vidalia seeds. Should I start these inside & transplant later? Or direct sow the seed in the garden? That wouldn't be until at least April. Any… More

  • Castor bean seed

    I am looking for castor bean seed i have some extra butter pea seed to trade if n e one is interested More

  • Hosta Seed Pods

    I'm in Northeast. Can I open Hosta seed pods and start them inside this winter (February?). Any other tips on how to grow hosta from seed pods? More

  • seed pod

    ...o all from coastal Georgia. A friend gave me this seed pod the other day, but couldn't remember the name of the plant. any ideas? the pod is the size of a small chicken egg. Susan More

  • Avocado Seed

    ...ave ever seen. She cut one of them for me and the seed is also huge. But what was strange, is that it had a… More

  • Mango seed

    Has anyone started a Mango seed? If so how do you go about it and since it is such a large seed does it take a long time? Would like to try one for the fun of it. Thank you much:) More

  • Iris from seed?

    I need some advice on how to start iris from seed. Can anyone help? Kat More

  • Mango Seed

    Has anyone started a mango seed. I would like to try to start one just for fun. Any suggestions for this challenge?? More

  • I need seed help

    ...here we stayed at Moody Gardens. I picked up some seed pods that had fallen off a plant (sorry the pics stink) that was beatiful. It was about 24 to 36 inches high and had briliant red… More

  • Another seed sprouted.

    My partners sister got back from Iraq not so long ago. She is 22 and she went back for a second term. she got pregnant whilst there on a volunteer (second) run, lets give it up - yeah she said send me back....well, the reason we have her back is… More

  • Seed HELP!?

    ...rs as well. INSIDE QUESTIONS: 1.) What causes the seedling to rot at the base near the soil line? (Is it caused by too much moisture?)… More

  • Starting tomatos from seed

    ...you tempt fate. Translate, you have lousy or dead seedlings. LOL First,… More

  • What kind of seed is this?

    They look like seeds to me :) Where are you located- that will help to narrow down the choices ;) More

  • seed identification..

    are these the seeds from my shooting star flower? thanks More

  • Daylily Seed

    I received some daylily seed from a swap and I bought a tray of 72 peat pots about 3 weeks ago and now I have (so far) 54 dayliles. I never dreamed I would have that many. I have already repotted 36 of them. I'm going to have to get… More

  • Is my lawn trying to re seed itself?

    ...blades of grass which appear to have these little seeds growing off of them. Will these seeds eventually fall off and "Naturally… More

  • Looking for conflower seed and more??

    ...find green envy coneflower and sundown coneflower seed.also looking for globe thisle seed and black ball bachelor button. I have seeds for trade as well. More

  • Seed identification

    We can't figure out what kind of tree this came from. It's small, perfectly round, and has soft hairs. More

  • Sage from seed

    Good day to you, I'm trying to start sage from seed but they won't germinate. Is it too late? I still see them in the garden centers.:confused: If anybody knows anything, do tell.:( More

  • New seed holders

    Found a couple new seed holders in the dollar store 50 % off bin. now we will see if the birds like them lol More

  • Rose seedling??

    ...ut I think 1 has germinated this wk!!! (There's a seedling in there, and I used brandnew soil) So my ?? is how do I… More