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  • Sedums are perking up

    I love sedum! Low growing stone crop type. I have some I brought back from NY with me, along with the semps...just couldn't leave them behind. I also bought several at the end of the season, when the nursery's are clearing them out for the season. The ones in the… More

  • Thanks Mamabear!

    ...t the box today dear and just love it! One of the sedums is called sedum acre..it is the one that looks like tiny pine needles. I love it, I have some in my rock garden so glad to have another patch. The bicolor is really neat looking and… More

  • rock bed info

    ...hought that one made up of all different kinds of sedum would be too much? Ive never done one and dont know that I am creative enough to pull it off, but I do have lots of sedum type… More

  • Succulent or Not?

    ...s wasn't a succulent. It has fleshy leaves like a sedum. Is a sedum not a succulent? The first picture is what it looked like in June. The next picture is what it looks… More

  • Please help identify these sedums

    Hello ! I bought these sedums cheap on a supermarket. Unfortunately it didn't say which kinds these are, and when I tried to compare them with pics on the internet I got completely confused. I would like to know which type they are so that I know hoe much each… More

  • Gardening with Drought Tolerant Plants (Xeriscaping)

    With climates getting hotter each year, and watering restrictions becoming more prominent, a lot of people are looking for plants and garden designs that need less water. So I thought I'd start a thread on gardening with drought tolerant plants. If anyone has experience with or questions about xeriscaping and… More

  • How do you collect the seeds from these??

    ...collect their seeds, or if they even make seeds-- sedum Autumn Joy, astilbe, and asters. On the sedums, each bud seems to have a few petal type things -- are those the seeds?? And with astilbe, there are obviously… More

  • What do I do with this?

    ...t today. I looked up by photo to identify it as a Sedum Burrito plant. I'm totally new to succulents and have absolutely no idea how to care for it. It's a huge plant that is spilling over its pot. Can anyone help me? Chris:confused: More

  • Groundcover (Phlox seeds) for erosion disaster

    My construction on my yard is not yet complete and everytime we do anything the erosion from the hill behind my home washes awful red clay mud all over everything. I was hoping some Phlox might help slow it down a bit as we are hitting the rainy season and… More

  • Want to trade?

    ... as I have both. Siberian Iris Bi-colored upright sedum (similar to Autumn Joy) a couple different ground cover sedum's one pink rock cress Would like...… More

  • sedums in balcony

    Hello ! Can Sedum Kamtschaticum be grown in a balcony cascet ? I have never seen anyone doing so, but maybe it´s doeable ? My balcony gets looots of sun ! More

  • Sedum, 'wilting'

    I have a sedum plant that was growing great, almost knee high, a clump at the base about 12'' in diameter. Late last week I noticed two of the stems were bent over, thinking it was the dog, I cut them off. But today I see several more bent over,… More

  • Companion sedum

    I have two autumn joy sedums that are doing spectacularly. I would like to get a third sedum, but not Autumn Joy. What would be a good choice for one that will get to be a similar size and would go well with the other two? Would one of the… More

  • Sedum 'Angelina'

    ...e did a presentation on xeriscape plants. Lots of sedums, of course. One I particularly liked was the Angelina sedum. It's supposed to glow an electric yellow. I'd like it for under my crabapple tree, where it gets… More

  • Sedum and ants.

    I have some beautiful sedum that grows about a foot high that is having some problems. It is has some black growth on the lower leaves and black ants climbing over it. The stalks will flop over, but still blossom. I don't know if the ants are causing or are… More

  • Sedum Plants

    I have a couple different large types of sedum plants planted in my back yard under my birdfeeders. The other day I noticed that something was nibbling on my sedum plants. I know it wasn't the deer because they would eat it down to the ground. So I was keeping… More

  • Joy of Sedum

    1. Autumn Joy 2. Neon 3. Don't Know! 4. Purchased this one at a garden club sale. I like it! It is unidentified. 5. Variegated. I just put this in a few months ago. I don't know if their seed heads get more dramatic than this. More

  • My Sedum Garden Awakening

    :D These have been under straw and kept as warm as possible during the winter months, however I have uncovered them and they are coming to life! Take a look. More

  • HELP!! with sedum....

    Just got in my order of 12 creeping red sedum. They look like dead vines but I did the scratch test and they are alive. How on earth do I go about planting them? Can they take full sun? I fear I need to get them in the ground fairly… More

  • black jack sedum

    dose anyone have this sedum , i have other tall sedums i could trade , as well as ground cover ones too. Nancy More