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Seasonal Planting

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  • strawberries

    ...ries. can i plant them now and get a harvest next season? thanks for any and all help. More

  • Update on my monarda

    ... bloom much at all. They were planted late in the season the year before (great after-season deal at the garden center down the road -… More

  • ok its spring time...i think I will grow???...

    ...ther plants in the garden but this is the perfect season to start growing plants in a summer garden for next season... all i… More

  • What have you been up to today?

    Today was a planting day! All those end of season sale perennials need to get into the ground. Picked up a few plants at 75% off the sale price. In the back garden I planted another Sidalcea called 'Party Girl', added another Echinacea called 'Rubinstern Purple Coneflower', 2 Pentstemon 'Sunburst… More

  • Another Discount Plant

    Bought at an end of season sale. No tag. Notice the little berries on the left above the bright green. More

  • 2 Season Vegies

    ...the fall of the year? If that is true, when can I plant them? By the way, I live in Maryland. More

  • Lupine?

    I have a lupine I planted 3 seasons ago. Not once did it bloom...I thought it was crowded, so I moved it...it WAS doing well, and now it looks terrible, and I don't know what to do! Help!!! :confused: More

  • Thistle!

    I posted this over in the veggie forum, but perhaps some fellow Pac. N. Western folks might have some advice as well. This being the first year here I really didn't prepare properly last fall when I cleared my garden area. There was a lot of thistle in that space… More

  • Thistle in the veggie garden!

    This being the first year here I really didn't prepare properly last fall when I cleared my garden area. There was a lot of thistle in that space and I had hoped that with a lot of weeding, etc. that I could stay on top of it in my veggie… More

  • Fall garden

    ...ted any tips you might have! What do you normally plant in your fall garden?… More

  • Nemesia, bracychome, calibrachoa in planter boxes.

    ...ither from not enough watering or this is not the season for them to bloom. How do i know if they are dead or just need to be cut back… More

  • S.A.D.

    Anyone ever heard of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder? I suffer from it horribly. Doctor recommends to get a sunlamp and sit in front of it a few times a day. I said Doc! It's not the sun I miss all that much, its the dirt!! I need help!!..lol Making light of… More

  • Eggplants

    What type of eggplants do you grow in your garden? There are so many varieties such as purple-and-white-striped, thin Japanese, and small Italian eggplant varieties. Did you know unlike the traditional purple pear shaped eggplants, they actually got their name from being white and egg shaped? Eggplant info is from… More

  • Six Persimmon Recipes

    ...s. Gary/Louisville Six Persimmon Recipes from the SEASONAL CHEF http://www.SEASONALchef.com/persimmonrecipes.htm#Persimmon%20Chews More

  • Combining heuchera and astilbe

    I have a partial shade border - mostly AM sun, PM shade - I have been very unhappy with it and had an epiphany as a makeover - trying to break my habit of one thing here, another thing there - my beds tend to have no theme, but I… More

  • What all is in your Herb Garden?

    ...th different herbs some being perinnials and some seasonal, I have to check the English names for some that have not been mentioned, I just planted them… More

  • gardeners diary

    ...ing more user friendly. Something that includes a season by season of what to… More

  • Black eyed Susans

    ...planted these, I pulled them up at the end of the season becuz I thought they were annuals, only to find out they are perennials. Last season I planted 3 more plants and just cut them back at the end of last season. Now only 1… More

  • Am I too late

    ...d they grow, do you think I would see blooms this season, or, is it too late to see this season's blooms, or is it just too late to have planted the seeds? More

  • Name this mystery flower

    ...at doesn't necessarily get a lot of rain, or just seasonal rainfall! Any ideas as to where this flower comes from? It looks like it comes from some… More