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  • Looking for Aquilegia seeds

    ...xpand my collection. I have for swap: Hollyhocks, Salvia's, Poppies and lots of other seeds (ask me your favorite). Bye, Astrid More

  • Cocoa bean hulls mulch

    ...14 square foot planting strip that i planted blue salvia red petunia and white lobelias. More

  • I am looking for

    cuttings or seeds of salvia divinorum. Kinda hard to find here so hoping someone here has a start or seeds to share. I can pay postage or I may have something you are looking for to trade. TIA, trudy More

  • Look for

    cuttings or seeds of salvia divinorum. Kinda hard to find here so hoping someone here has a start or seeds to share. I can pay postage or I may have something you are looking for to trade. TIA, trudy More

  • looking for

    looking for few things still double hollyhocks red,yellow,soft yellow,white,pink,dark pink,peach.all doubles dwarf canna seeds. Impatients need a good bunch of these for shade.lower type. large flowering petunia orietale poppy russian doll gourds foxglove pams choice swan gourds aster blue moon aster spider types zinnia doubles zinnia swizzle zinnia pin wheel… More

  • Wild...... something.

    ...ter but in dry sandy soil. The leaves look like a salvia. The flowers are cool, the way the clusters curl under like that! My roomate brought two home and they seem to be happy where we put them.… More

  • Perennials in pots

    I am going to plant lavendar, and either salvia or anise hyssop in pots. What type of soil to I use? Garden soil or potting soil? I read that if you rub the leaves of anise hyssop on your skin it will repel skeeters. Will just the plant being on… More

  • Blue Garden

    ...ts of sages and salvisa bloom in blue. Blue queen salvia is dark, "roman candels" speed well is very blue also. Clematis. I think there are some aneomes?… More

  • Victorian Garden Roll

    ...ath, bachelor's buttons, cosmos, Johnny-jump-ups, salvia, snapdragons, stock and zinnias. I know the rabbits will eat the stocks. We have lots of wild rabbits and occasionally deer in our yard. More

  • a list of hummer flowers

    ...life.com/hummingbird-flowers.html Monarda and red salvia are almost guaranteed hits. Ron More

  • Suggestions for Front Lawn Flower Bed Expansion

    Need some suggestions as to what to add to my front lawn flower bed that already has an hibiscus plant there, as the #1 plant. I need some vertical, evergreens and shrubs. The area gets a lot of sun,a nd both pics are in the same place. I have all… More

  • salvia

    Can anyone tell me why my salvia is seperating in the middle and laying down? It is two years old and is beautiful in color but all three plants are seperating. More

  • Salvia questions

    Hi, I just bought two salvia plants that are a mixture of purple and white salvia that I bought at Walmart and it did not come with an identification tag with information about it. They are really pretty! I am thinking about one more plant, but wanted to ask how… More

  • Salvia plus one

    hey there ya all.......... i bought a salvia and DAH, it sure says salvia on it, but who knows which one??? and this little other cutie came up in my garden........ and i know you know it!! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH nicole San Diego More

  • Sage (Salvia officinalis)???

    Hi! Is this plant Sage (Salvia officinalis) ??? I found it at a Roadside between Monchique and Fóia, Algarve - Portugal. Thank you, Valter More

  • Black spots on salvia

    ...ing in my garden this afternoon. When I got to my salvias, I noticed black spots up and down the stems. The spots seem to be powdery. Not sure?? Is black mildew a common problem with salvia? More

  • Black and Blue Salvia

    Does anyone have Black and Blue Salvia in their garden? I got three plants on clearance at Lowes and am not sure where I want to put them. I need to get them in the ground. How tall and wide do they get and how fast? I am thinking of… More

  • Deadheading Annual Salvia

    This is my first year growing annual salvia and they're beginning to fade. Should I deadhead them or just leave the spikes? You can't snip them as they fade, since they open from the bottom up. Do I just snip the whole spike off once it fades? They're all fading… More

  • Question about salvia black and blue

    Does anyone in zone 5 have this Salvia overwinter for them? Next to my house in the front I think it's more of zone 6. More

  • salvia

    is this a salvia? More

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