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Sage Plant

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  • Rate your new perennials

    ...y are perennial(biennial), include those that you planted 2-3 years ago as well: My faves: Crocasimia Lucifer, 2nd year- gorgeous foliage, fabulous red blooms that hummers love, didn't bloom until second year, but worth… More

  • New Garden Plant suggestions please!

    I started a new garden today! :o...... This garden is one I've been wanting to start for a while. The special thing about this garden is that I used several members' suggestions of placing newspaper over the grass and piling it with soil. So we'll see how that works out.… More

  • Tall Yellow Ornamental Grass

    I guess the ornamental grass thread I started last year was one of the ones deleted. Now that I'm ready to buy my grass, I wanted to refer back to it. There was a lot of good info in that thread :( So, I'm going to ask for advice again.… More

  • What do I do?

    My husband is making an herb garden for me, right outside the kitchen. He told me it's my baby, and I can choose what goes in there. I've been looking in the herb section of this website, and I can't decide! I only get a small plot, about 3'x12', or… More

  • I'm stoked!

    I decided to plant an herb garden in my curved bed in front of my deck! I have a new rose there and I really wanted to plant something more while waiting for it to grow up, but annuals just weren't doing it for me. Somehow the idea of an… More

  • Help! I'm on the landscape committee!

    Hi all. I need help, advice, experience...I live in a semi-arid suburb, in a condo. (zone 5) We need to upgrade our landscaping, and in a fit of civic-mindedness, I volunteered to help on the landscaping committee. We are removing some delapidated evergreens and viburnum shrubs. We need to completely… More

  • a pot connudrum

    ok well my moms gonna start irkin me agin soon AND fast --i have 2 pots at her house 1 of which (the big 18 inch one) i baught with MY birthday muney the little ive used sence day 1 an its used fer whatever returns from last year an… More

  • Several questions.....

    With my russian sage, it doesn't get all day sun. It is on the south side of my house (Michigan) on the back side of the chimney. I have cut it down twice already this year. I do it each time the flowers loose most of their color and they… More

  • seed harvesting

    ...m corious what ta do ta harvest the seeds from my plants (i allready have paper lunch bags with holes punched an hemp cut into lengths fer it) last year i used cinnamon basil tai basil catnip ginger mint an yea… More

  • Russian & Meadow Sage

    ... them containered till Spring, I wanted to (trans)plant them to a place I have Annual Grasses, corn, and other plants, I plan On taking out come spring. They are in the small 1gal containers.:carrot: If I can keep them in the post should… More

  • Rooting In Water/In Soil

    Question: How do I plant herbs rooted water? I've gotten advice from people who claim they haven't had luck, so I'd like some advice from people who have had luck lol. Question 2: How should I plant cuttings in soil? I know it works but I don't seem to be… More

  • Agastache and Bush Sage Seeds

    ...eeds for Agastache and Bush Sage? I am needing to plant perennials that will tolerate hot Florida summers and drought conditions. These two sound like they might do the trick. Thanks all. Look forward to hearing back. More

  • ? about Cherry Sage or sometimes called Texas Sage

    This is my second year with this beautiful plant. This year it mounded nicely with lots of pink blooms but has now become so large the mound is splitting and laying over. I want to know if I cut it back, will it bloom again this year. Last year when… More

  • Sage (Salvia officinalis)???

    Hi! Is this plant Sage (Salvia officinalis) ??? I found it at a Roadside between Monchique and Fóia, Algarve - Portugal. Thank you, Valter More

  • Can I root tri color sage in water?

    ...can manage that part. But can I root my tri-color sage the same… More

  • Advice needed

    ...ogether. I have heard that you should never plant sage with rosemary, is this true?? :confused: Thanks for listening Jeanne More

  • wants please

    ... hollyhocks mied doulbes bright pink salvia fruit sageMore

  • Good List of Hummer Plants

    ...om my newsletter several weeks ago. Some of these plants are very regional and some are not allowed in certain areas. Buckeyes are not allowed in California. Some tender perennials are sold as annuals. For example, Lantana… More

  • what the heack is this??

    ...T the flower off an stuck in a pot with pineapple sage ta get the pic (macro pratice with a nicon d-40)… More

  • Sage in pot

    My neighbor got a sage plant in a pot as a gift. Since I take care of his plants (they tend to die if I don't keep them watered for him) I'd like to take care of this one as well. He's only had it a week and it's not… More