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  • Thinking of trying roses...

    ...one and Happy Spring! I'm thinking of trying some roses and I'm looking for some advice/tips/pointers/warnings! I'm thinking of starting with the inexpensive wal-mart or menards/lowes roses, so that I'm not investing a lot to start. I'm just uncertain as to what type and variety. I've heard a lot… More

  • Love Those English Roses!

    I just love English Roses..they smell so good and though American Roses unfurl to that great shape..the English Roses multiple inner gathered shape simply enthralls me. Can some of you Rose enthusiasts tell me what you know about the earliest English Rose..when they first came to the states..are these the… More

  • ROSES FER HERBY ~ part 3

    Time fer the 2006 Rose showcase. I'm inclucing here my story and urls to the first 2 threads. lots of pretty Roses and I know this years will be spectacular!!:) :) @->->->-->} here's the url's. GardenGuides Forums - Roses fer Herby 1 Address:http://www.gardenguides.com/forum/showthread.php?p=326530 Roses Fer Herby Part 2 - GardenGuides… More


    I have 3 david austin Roses up to trade. I got them bareroot last year 2007 from wayside gardens.The Rose's are healthy, disease resistant, and bloomed all spring and summer long.Rose's are 2 GRAHAM THOMAS. YELLOW, AND PAT AUSTIN, A TANGERINE-PINK COLOR. I am looking for cottage Roses, pink and… More

  • Roses with fragrance?

    hello sadly my roses died last summer from some disease anyway over here in the new garden I have a fragrance rose one of the old variety Zephirine Drouhin a bourbon rose (1868) very sweet scent to replace the same that perished it is now still in a pot anyone… More

  • Climbing roses

    Please recommend a good climbing rose for a beginner! :) More

  • Where do you all buy your roses?

    Where do you buy your roses? I'm thinking of planting some in my new front walkway beds....Just not sure where the best sources/prices are! Thanks :) More

  • Knockout Roses

    I got my first Knockout Rose bush last week b/c several folks told me it is one of the easiest Roses to grow. I have never had Roses and thought this would be perfect for a beginner. It has about 12 buds on it ready to open up. I am… More

  • Heirloom Roses has climbers for $9.95 till 7/1!

    I went to the Heirloom roses website to find info on pruning climbing roses and found climbers on sale! They're $9.95 now thru July 1. They sell virus-free own-root roses. The grower is here in Oregon and has an excellent reputation. I bought two roses from them last spring and… More

  • Aphids on roses

    ...emedy for insecticidal soap for killing aphids on roses? On another thread I saw this recipe: A few TBSP. hot pepper sauce I TBSP. liquid soap I gallon of water Should I use this on my roses? Does it work? Do aphids keep coming back? Liquid… More

  • black roses

    ...is there a plant that grows verry dark near black roses if so is it ok in zone 5 here? whats it called an yea i saw some black roses at wal-mart thought blood red based vase with black an almond like frit on the outside an… More

  • Starting roses from cuttings

    Anyone ever started rose bushes from cuttings? I have never tried this, but my neighbor and I have the Knock Out roses and would love to try cuttings. More

  • Frost hurt my roses?

    ... had a very warm spring so far this year, and the roses and lilies are really coming along! I put in a new bed for my roses and transplanted 15 roses last week They are doing well, but now we are supposed to… More

  • Northeast White Roses

    ...w is says Minnesota, but it is a great listing of roses for zone 2-5, along with their idiosyncrasies. You can plant container grown roses for another month or so, don't need to prune until spring, Buy bare root… More

  • Roses survinging winters

    Do roses have to be somehow covered up in southern Wisconsin in the winter? More

  • help....roses & strawberries?

    I have knockout roses along one side of my house....i would like to plant something under them as a ground cover.....i am in zone 8b...ocala, florida area===the roses are on the south side of my home...can anyone help me with suggestions on the best companion plants for roses? I have… More

  • Free Roses

    I have Roses to give away in Beaverton, Hillsboro Oregon area. They were here when we moved in so don't know the names. If you live near and want to come dug them up you are more than welcome. I can't stand to throw away a plant. Posted under RosesMore

  • I'm New help with roses...

    I have one of the most prolific rose bushes in the world and I would love to root another one from the same stock. Can it be done and if so, the all important questions, HOW? Any feedback would be very helpful. THANKS! More



  • My First Roses, Now What?

    ...put 1/4 cup of epsom salts around the base of the rose bush. No need to dulite it. Then water it. The magnesium is nutrient that it is looking for. More

  • Help with roses

    I am new to growing rose bushes. I have two I planted in containers. I'm not sure how to prepare them for winter. I read that they had to freeze twice- which they did. After that, I brought them inside to my basement to spend the winter. I have pruned… More

  • Roses

    ...he right forum or not but I have a question about roses. I have a number of rose bushes varying in age from 5 years to this year. They are doing well and producing a lot of blooms but I am… More

  • roses still going!

    The lower sun angle on the roses has been beautiful the last few weeks, just had to take some pics. The blooms on my Knockouts have actually been getting bigger and more complex as the weather's gotten colder. More

  • Roses

    ... now that I have my answer to the weed, on to the roses. Last year, I was doing lots of work outside & kept getting scratched on this wildly overgrown rose bush. So I cut it way back. I don't know anything about roses, but I knew it had… More

  • Roses

    I have two established rose bushes. This year each of them have a "sucker" which came up adjacent to the established root area. My question: Can the "suckers" be dug up (perhaps taking part of the established root) and planted elsewhere in my flower bed? More

  • Help with roses!

    .... Last year I planted a royal highness hybrid tea rose bush and a stem rose. Both of them bloomed well but we had to move in October so I replanted them at our new place with their root balls and as much of… More

  • orange roses

    busy at the feeder today. More

  • climbing roses

    ...r me this...are you supposed to cut back climbing roses before the new season? I'm in a 5 zone I believe (if that matters) right now some of the stems are about 7 ft. It has all the old dead leaves on it still too. I want to… More

  • roses in container

    Do you have to transplant the roses into the ground or can they be left in the container they came from the nursery in? new gardener and any help would be appreciated. More

  • Enjoy some roses

    Hope you like Sass More


    Sharing a few of my roses with you.:) More

  • Roses for Herby

    ...t for Herbyann. I invite all of you to share your roses! More

  • I need help on roses

    I have some roses that are all bush, and they are 4 or 5 ft tall. Do I need to trim them back? John More