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Rose Vines

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  • What can live with Virginia Creeper?

    ...t kills everything I put around it. It has killed rose bushes, azaleas and rhododendrons… More

  • Oh Well!!!

    I am finally and reluctantly bringing in my house plants for the winter. Today , I brought in my tender stalked tropicals (Names unknown) tomorrow my Snake Plants...and Sunday my Hibiscus ..which are still continuing to flower..God BLess Them !!! Falls here and temps will drop to 40's or a… More

  • clearing out seed box!

    ...s) Lobelia white Red cherry tomato Orange trumpet vine Dahlberg Daisy Miniature Daisy Dicentra Bronze strawflower Brocoverde Pink bee balm Nasturtium jewel mix Sweet pea galaxy mix… More

  • Let me Re Introduce myself

    Hi everyone. Lynda here, it's been so long since I was here I thought I'd better re-introduce myself. I live in Spokane, WA. My DH & I have a med sized yard and veggie garden that we have been revitalizing for the past couple of years. A few years of… More

  • New Updated Trade List

    ...211; Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle –… More

  • rosemary

    hi all, anyone willing to donate Rosemary seeds? i'm willing to swap with: *Saved Seeds* Australia Canteloupe Melon Red Bell Pepper Lemon Strawberry Australian Golden Kiwi Red Chilli Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper Tomato Cherry Tomato Sweet Cherry Tomato Madagascar Periwinkle Adenium a.k.a Dessert Rose False Roselle *Commercial Seeds* Baby's Breath… More

  • Seeds of many kinds and honeysuckle cuttings

    Hi there! I have several seeds for trade and will have honey suckle cutting i will start rooting little later in the spring. The seeds I have for trade are listed below. What I am looking for is any type of herb cutting that I can grow in a pot.… More

  • 2008 Trade and Want List

    ...211; Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle… More

  • Updated Trade List

    Seedlings · Datura - Lavender – 3 Black Metal – 12 Discolor – 2 Triple White – 3 Triple Yellow – 1 White – 5 Triple Purple – 2 Double Purple – 1 Purple – 3 Fleur De Lilac – 8 Double Yellow - 10 Seeds · Achillea - love… More

  • Wanted Sweet Pea's

    Wanted Sweet Pea's -Lathyrus or temp meWanted Sweet Pea's -Lathyrus Lathyrus belinensis Lathyrus Vernus Lathyrus Sativus azureus-blue Lathyrus Black Diamond Lathyrus King Edward VII-red Lathyrus Streamer Mix Lathyrus Streamer-Purple Lathyrus Streamer-Scarlet Lathyrus Streamer-Blue Lathyrus Streamer-Pink Lathyrus Streamer-Orange Wants: Asclepias - hello yellow -perennial Asclepias- upright varieties Matalea's-climbing milkweeds Mikania scandens-climbing… More

  • Haves and Wants

    ...lodes Butterfly bush -Yellow Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine Grandpa Otts-Morning glory Milky Way - Morning glory Minature blue morning glory Four o'clock - Mirabilis jalapa Foxglove-different colors Hollyhock - mix -mostly old heirlooms Liatris-Blazing star Malva - Mix Lunaria-purple flowers Hibiscus-Dinnerplate-pink and a… More

  • SOOO Much to Trade!! Here's my updated list!

    Plants and Cuttings I have to trade: *Note: We grow completely organic only. • -Tamarix 'Summer Glow' - cuttings • -Willows: CUTTINGS: Salix Mats.'Golden Curls'(brilliant golden yellow bark, orange/red stems, green curly leaves-stunning, S. 'Dragon Claws", 'Hakura Nishiki', S. purpurea nana (Dwarf Blue Arctic), S. pur. pendula (Weeping Blue/Purple Arctic),… More

  • My veggie gardens

    I grow most of my veggies in the back garden. Now that it's July you can barely tell there's four raised beds in this jungle. Foreground, top of driveway, upper pond, daylilies on the right, next to my car. Then down below, at the edge of the lower pond are… More

  • hello...yes i am new :)

    ...stand of trees out back. i am pretty sure it is a rose vine with small leaves. poor thing is suffering from being covered in leaves, it appears to be catching a… More

  • Please ID this vine

    This vine came with a rose that was given to me, and it is going wild. Thanks John More

  • Trumpet Vine Won't Bloom

    ... still do not get any blooms!:( I even heard that rose food was… More

  • I need these seeds Holly Flame vine

    I was hoping to get these really cool vine seeds in a trade but they were out!! Does anybody have just a couple seeds? here is my trade list thanks for looking Carol Haves: Asclepias-Syrica Anise hyssop Apple of Peru - Nicandra physalodes Butterfly bush -Yellow Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine Grandpa Otts-Morning… More

  • Climbing rose/container

    I bought two bare root climbing peace roses this year and planted them in large planters with trellises. I've had them for about a month and they still look like sticks. I'm not giving up, but since they are a centerpiece in a "formal" vegetable garden (raised beds, with mulch… More

  • this vine is all over my roses and crape myrtle

    and i have no idea what it is! is anybody able to identify it and give it a name for me? i would really appreciate it since i need to prune it back a lot and knowing what it is would really help me in knowing what kind of precautions… More

  • Free Bittersweet Vines & Flava Trumpet Vines U Dig!!

    ... a light yellow and Galien is a light peachy/pink/rose color. Bring buckets… More