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Rose of Sharon

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  • 'Knockout' Rose

    ...s like a great alternative to camellia or rose-of-sharon that are just too big for my little garden ('Knockout' roses only get about 3-4 feet, according to what I read.) My book states that it is very disease-resistant and low-maintenance, but I… More

  • which variety?

    ...ted. I can't find a match. Does anyone know which rose of sharon this is? More

  • transplanting flowering shrubs

    ...the best way to transplant a crepe mrytle & a rose of sharon. THANKS :p More

  • What are these weeds?

    ...with these things. I originally thought they were rose of sharon seedlings, as in the past that tree has gave me alot of headaches with the seedlings it throws everywhere. But there are not many at all around the base of the rose of… More

  • The dude's seed swap list

    I'm getting a ton of seeds from my Rose of Sharon (Satin Rose) and my Magnus purple coneflowers, and Black Eyed Susans if anyone would like to trade. I'm looking for any of the following: crape myrtle (a smaller variety) hardy gardenia (preferably Chuck Hayes, but not that important) Chinese… More

  • Garden Surprise

    My volunteer Rose of Sharon has a bloom, and a bud ready to open! Had never even noticed a bud on it- figured it was too young to flower yet (this is it's first or maybe second year) It's a very pretty all white flower- strange considering my neighbor has… More

  • Hibiscus, what kind grows in zone 6?

    I have seen the common rose of sharon and have two in my yard but they have smallish blooms, the ones I have seen growing here in people's yards (unfortunately I don't know them) is about 3-4 feet high and have large bell shaped blooms, usually a pale pink, lavender… More

  • 4 diff Bushes. 1 has been shaped

    I was trying to figure out what kind of bushes they are so I know if I should leave them or move them elsewhere. I do NOT want my foundation ruined by the roots! It would be good to know how big they get,care, etc so the only way is… More

  • seeds

    ...ve canna-red hosta- dark green large verbena moss rose of sharon- pink marigolds- mix love in a mist- mix forget me not-blue love lies bleeding coneflower-purple morning glory- "violet feathers" broom corn(sorghum vulgar) radish lemon bee balm artemisia "sweet annie" parsley broccoli pepper-green i would like lavender living stones… More

  • Rose of Sharon Help!

    ...entioned on the controlling insects forum that my Rose of Sharon has been plagued by Japanese Beetles for the last few years. It really has never been allowed to bloom because of these pests. But it has grown quite tall - probably 8 feet. This year I noticed that… More

  • rose of sharon not reblooming

    The Rose of Sharon that I bought last month looks healthy, is putting out more foliage, but it has not bloomed again since the flowers on it when I bought it faded and dropped off. It has a ton of buds, but none of them seem to be opening. It… More

  • Rose of Sharon

    ... I read somewhere that the difference between the rose of sharon tree and bush was the method of pruning to make it grow one way or the other. Anyone have any input about that? I figured I should prune high to make it bush out at the top.… More

  • Rose of Sharon

    I have 7 Rose of Sharon's located in various locations throughout our landscaping. Not one of them has a leaf on them? Can anyone suggest why? All of my other plants grew just fine, just not these. Any ideas?:( More

  • Rose of sharon

    ...has been asked before, Need to know how to make a rose of sharon to be like a bush not a tree. And when to trim. And how? ..... Kathy More

  • Is This Rose Of Sharon Or Holly Hock???

    ...Perennials :eek: :eek: I was wondering if this is Rose of Sharon or Holly Hock? I recieved them in a plant exchange and was told it was Rose Of Sharon. I just want to make certain . Here are a few pics from stick life to bloom.I had… More

  • Rose of Sharon Seeds

    ...ought I would go ahead and post this..I have some rose of sharon seeds. Just wondering if anyone would be interested? I think the color would be a mix of white, deep pink.. its from some bushes my mother has in… More

  • Howdy again, this time Rose of Sharon.

    ... Willows I'll run my thoughts about doing so with Rose of Sharon by ya'll. I'm guessing to wait till they start to bud next spring, cut branches aboout 1' to 18", remove buds from bottom 5-6"s and stick in a… More

  • Have Rose of Sharon and Trumpet Creeper seeds

    I have a bunch of Rose of Sharon (forget the color, I think white?)seeds Also have a bunch of Red Trumpet Creeper seeds as well. Will send to anyone who would like them. If they don't grow for you, I'll be happy to send more this fall :) I don't… More

  • Moving Rose of Sharon?

    A few years ago I planted a Rose of Sharon in a corner of my backyard that needed some dressing up. The Rose of Sharon has been, well, languishing there. I am thinking it would be better suited to a different spot. I checked it today, and there seems to… More

  • rose of sharon

    I have some rose of sharon seeds there white with a pink center. Kathy More

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