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Rose Moss

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  • air layering?

    I have an old rose that has the most fragrant flowers ever. I think it's a Cecil Bruner. It has small pink blooms that cover the whole thing all year practically. I need to cut it back drastically and I want to do something I was told is called "air… More

  • seeds

    ...ve canna-red hosta- dark green large verbena moss rose of sharon- pink marigolds- mix love in a mist- mix forget me not-blue love lies bleeding coneflower-purple morning glory- "violet feathers" broom corn(sorghum vulgar) radish lemon bee balm artemisia "sweet annie" parsley broccoli pepper-green i would like lavender living stones… More

  • Bob's Garden Washington State

    My garden is located in Washington state, on the western half of the state, otherwise known as the "wet side". I'm in zone 8, with a fairly mild climate. My home is south of Seattle in the Puget Sound area. The rainy reputation Seattle has isn't as bad as they… More

  • Seeds, horn of plenty and others

    ...a white moonflower blackberry lily portulaca/moss rose Stella d' oro lily garlic chives dark purple… More

  • clearing out seed box!

    I am cleaning out my seed box and would like to trade these off or do sase for them. Guava(5 seeds) Asian pear(6 seeds) Lobelia white Red cherry tomato Orange trumpet vine Dahlberg Daisy Miniature Daisy Dicentra Bronze strawflower Brocoverde Pink bee balm Nasturtium jewel mix Sweet pea galaxy mix… More

  • 2008 Trade and Want List

    ...211; Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle… More

  • Updated Trade List

    Seedlings · Datura - Lavender – 3 Black Metal – 12 Discolor – 2 Triple White – 3 Triple Yellow – 1 White – 5 Triple Purple – 2 Double Purple – 1 Purple – 3 Fleur De Lilac – 8 Double Yellow - 10 Seeds · Achillea - love… More

  • wanting to do some trades

    Hi. I am looking for some trades. I have some fresh seeds that have just been collected. This includes: *Purple moon flower vine (about 10 seeds per trade) *Knowlans Black morning glory (probably about 20 seeds per trade) *mixed hollyhock seeds. Some are double, some single all colors. Sorry I… More

  • New Updated Trade List

    ...211; Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle –… More

  • No. Vermont Garden Season Don't Blink!

    ...as and thoughts in writing. Tonight, I sowed some MossMore

  • Rose soil help needed please

    ... roses. I mixed into the soil a good deal of peat moss, garden nutrient soil, mulch and topped it off with disease killer/rose food pellets. It looks like the bottom of the leaves towards the root on the shrub roses are… More

  • Moss roses

    ...ttp://www.rdrop.com/~paul/mosses/index.html"]moss roses." They have a piney-scented, glandular growth that looks strange, like the growth on a sundew plant. Silly me, I thought aphids put it there or it was a disease so I was trying to rub it off. Now I know it's normal.… More

  • problem with moss rose

    i hav planted some moos rose 2 months b4, earlier they were going good but now many of then turned red and not blooming while some are blooming and still green More

  • Moss Rose

    ...had NO luck the last couple of years getting moss rose to grow from seed. I usually sow them directly in the ground or in the pot they will be growing in after our last frost. I bought some more seeds this year and was going to try… More

  • deadheading

    need to know if deadheading rose moss and liatris will help it rebloom? where to cut from? More

  • Portulaca

    Can I cut back portulaca (moss rose) without sacraficing bloom? It is getting very leggy. More

  • Air Layering OUTDOOR Plants?

    ... OUTDOOR plants? I just read that the Lady Bank's Rose roots outdoors easily this way and wondered if any… More

  • New Theme Garden

    ...reland, Irish Moss, St. Patrick™ Hybrid Tea Rose, IRISH EYES Glorisa Daisy, Bells of Ireland,… More

  • Fertilizing

    ...w often and with what do I fertilize? I have moss rose, petunias, and geraniums. More

  • rose moss & dahlia

    I am interested in getting some rose moss and a few dahlia. Please let me know by pm if anyone out there has this. Will pay postage. Thanks Kay in Louisiana More