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Rose Garden

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  • My 1st rose bush!!!

    ... section.... I found a bare root SubZero Brownell rose for UNDER $8!!!! It's the Charlette Brownell, which is yellow with pink around the edges!!!!!! So I soaked it… More

  • "Iceberg" Climbing Rose

    ...nce whatsoever! Does anybody have this particular rose? I really wanted a fragrant, white climber… More

  • Joseph's Coat Rose

    ... on HGTV and they showed a climbing Joseph's coat rose. It was AMAZING!!!! I thought about adding one to my garden, but would like some advice as to its desease resistance and if it is evergreen or semi evergreen in zone 7b?… More

  • My 15 year old Rose Bush

    ...oked the fact that it only had 1 closet!) And the rose bush took my breath away. I love to share my photos with anyone that will look. So here are some I've taken… More

  • Climbing rose/container

    ...ce they are a centerpiece in a "formal" vegetable garden (raised beds, with mulch… More

  • My ten rose bushes are infected

    ...work and I dont want to use harsh chemicals in my garden. Should I… More

  • Mini Rose Care Indoor/Outdoor Help!

    ...e "green thumb potential" but I definitely need a gardening mentor, so I'm currently taking applications. As I mentioned in my profile, my husband and I are currently living in NW Pennsylvania. Around Valentines day I purchased… More

  • Rose soil help needed please

    .... I mixed into the soil a good deal of peat moss, garden nutrient soil, mulch and topped it off with disease killer/rose food pellets. It looks like the bottom of the leaves towards the root on the shrub roses are… More

  • Austrian Copper anyone experienced with this rose?

    ..."http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.rosegathering.com/photos/species/rfoetbic.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.rosegathering.com/rfoetbic.html&h=306&w=449&sz=273&hl=en&start=4&tbnid=Vhjnp5A4nam_LM:&tbnh=84&tbnw=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3DAustrian%2Bcopper%2Brose%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN"]Austrian Copper in my garden. I live in a zone 3, but think I have more of a zone 4 microclimate and, by what I've been reading, the Austrian Copper is hardy to zone 4. I haven't found much about it, and am curious if… More

  • Rose

    Any ideas of what the name of this pretty rose is? More

  • Rose Campion seeds

    ...of a pink rose campion __________________________ Garden Bear Hi, would love… More

  • Parade Rose

    ...his up at Meijers for $7.99. It says its a Parade Rose. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but it says it can be planted in a container. Do they do good in containers or should I just plant it in the garden. More

  • Rose Garden Restoration

    ... thought some of you might like to look at an old rose garden restoration in Grass Valley, California. This is Saint Joseph's Convent & Chapel, formal rose garden planted in 1865 (when it had full sun!) Now the trees the Sisters planted are huge and the… More

  • One great rose to have in garden!!!!!!!!

    One of the best roses I have in my garden that takes the heat, humidity, leaves stay on without blackspot, blooms repeatedly. Can't say enough for this rose for its beauty in garden. Pearl D Or. Light peach. Pretty color. I wish they all were that easy. No spraying at… More

  • My new rose

    ...ow off my newest addition to my garden - an $8.00 rose from Target called "Sun Flare". I almost didn't buy it, I got that "I've got too many plants" feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I should hide it when I get home!… More

  • 'Knockout' Rose

    ...ose-of-sharon that are just too big for my little garden ('Knockout' roses only get about 3-4 feet, according to what I read.) My book states that it is very disease-resistant and low-maintenance, but I… More

  • Tropicana rose

    ...my moms fav roses. I found one this spring at the garden center and just had to have it. I quit growing Teas years ago because of their many "needs" and now I'm remembering why. This rose has black spot which I have been spraying for… More

  • tea rose for v day

    I am now the owner of my very first rose! (besides the ones I have recently inherited with the house) So the rose plant is one of those potted tea rose plants you can get for v-day, it has tiny adorable whit roses on it... now can this thing actually… More

  • Rose find

    ...me. She came into today and said she has a ton of roses all over. She has dug 'em… More

  • Mystery rose!

    ...ght a new house, and I inherited a very neglected rose garden with it! I'm stunned I didn't kill the poor things "rescuing" them from their English Ivy captors and mildew and rot. ;) They're just now starting to bud and bloom and I'd love to… More

  • My first rose garden

    Hi! I am makeing a rose garden for a school project, but i do not really know how. i go to a school were i choose my own projects and I love roses. so Do knoe what I should do?:( More