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Rose Flower

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  • petalbypetal's Blog

    Well am I going nuts or what??? I went to look at this persons blog and when it opened it was nothing but symbols. When I did a copy and then pasted into this message, it came out as below??? Don't think I am that tired. Linda B petalbypetal's Blog… More

  • Savings seeds from columbines

    ...se" columbine. I have never seen such a beautiful flower and they are starting to fade leaving seed pods. The seed pods are still green. Do I wait until they dry on the plant and grab them before the seeds fall? More

  • Black & Yellow Spots on Roses (Rust?)

    ...out yesterday taking new photos I noticed that my rose is having some problems. I didn't get a close look at it yesterday, but today when I was taking new photos of the problem it looks like rust. Can anyone give advice about how to treat… More

  • Little green worms

    ...anging basket. I've tried spraying with sevin and rose & flower spray with no luck. Any ideas? More

  • Old Growth Roses

    ...this spring. We have an at least 60 year old bush rose. I wanted some advice if anyone has any. Is there anything special… More

  • More Clematis Questions

    I bought a Daniel Deronda clematis this weekend. I'll need to plant something at the base to shade the roots as it gets full sun. The clematis society lady said I need to plant a shallow-rooted plant. She suggested cranesbill or a Rozanne hardy geranium. My clematis is purple and… More

  • fave flowers?

    ...etter here im corious what everyones fave type of flower is (if yall could attach an image or 2 thatd be awesomeness)?? me? i LOVE zinnias dont know why but do also my uncle has this… More

  • Brown leaves on morning glories

    ...ll sun on the sides of my deck. I love them, they flower heavily but every year I have problems with the leaves wilting and turning brown. It isn't a water issue, as I water regularly. Help! I love… More

  • Seeds, horn of plenty and others

    ...a white moonflower blackberry lily portulaca/moss rose Stella d' oro lily garlic chives dark purple… More

  • Garden Surprise

    ... noticed a bud on it- figured it was too young to flower yet (this is it's first or maybe second year) It's a very pretty all white flower- strange considering my neighbor has… More

  • ? BUSH took over Cedar Tree...need your help, please

    ...one tell me what the Flower is? Owner called it a Rose Bush... but I thought maybe it was a English Dogwood. Flower leaf looks like a… More

  • Roses

    ...the established root) and planted elsewhere in my flower bed? More

  • my roses are not flowering

    ...es in pots for the last two years occassionally a flower comes and stops i prune them and water them and sufficient light is also there i used rose mix bought from local stores but no use can you help me sir,… More

  • Is this a rose plant??

    ...y finger instead. At first I thought it must be a rose plant but, it's kinda tall and now I'm not so sure. If it is a roseMore

  • stem length

    ...ng. Why aren't they longer like the ones from the flower shops? Are they different types? thanks. More

  • Drought resistant groundcover with flower?

    ...some sort of flower 3) perhaps a spreading carpet rose of… More

  • Herb/Flower Combo best friends sortof

    ...and flowers--say like what would you plant in the rose bed along w/6 roses bushes---Garlic? Chives ? thanks More

  • Canterbury Bells Rose

    I just picked up a Rose Canterbury Bell plant on sale with the most beautiful pink blooms on it's stalk from top to bottom! But wouldn't you know it, I read online that it's a biennial which makes me sad, but if I let the blooms go to seed, will… More

  • Hi!! New member saying 'Hello'!!

    ...my Mom's caregiver and she has a green bush and 2 rose bushes that I need to learn to take care of. Plus I want to plant… More

  • What is this flower?

    ... tree covered with this flower. Owner called it a rose, but didn't know what kind of rose. I couldn't get over how it had covered the cedar tree. Maybe someone can help me... Reba/La. More

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