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Roof Gardening

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  • What do you use to cover your shrubs to protect them from the snow

    ... they are under where the snow will fall from the roof onto them, what should i use to cover them to protect them from the falling snow breaking them. they are getting big so it's hard to… More

  • Vetch it! I aint looking no more!

    ...e and it's growing on a 2 story building and it's roof where I work. It's a beauty! It has yellow flowers when it… More

  • Rooftop under frosted glass

    ...have a bit of a unique situation. I have a lovely roof top garden in Taipei Taiwan that I have been growing various types of plants in, but have really gotten the itch to start a herb and vegetable garden. As we are on the roof, we get direct… More

  • I'm back

    ... took down trees, power poles, barns and took off roofs. In just our… More

  • Cheap GreenHouse Idea

    I am wanting to build a full sized Greenhouse, and I think I have located some 4X8 foot sheets of 1/4 inch think tempered glass that is tinted. It was made for a store front. I plan to concrete some 4X4 inch square posts in the ground, build some trusses… More

  • My rain water collecting system

    ...drilled near the bottom and a used shut off and a garden hose. the downspout from… More

  • To anyone who has a wood stove or fireplace

    Many of us northerners have supplemental heating such as wood or pelleted fuel. Its almost becoming a necessity with the rising cost of fuel. (800 bucks to fill my pig and its not even a huge one....and so far its been filled twice!:mad: ) The winds (Or so I thought)… More

  • Grackles eating baby birds.

    I didn't know they did it until today, but apparently grackles kill baby birds for food. I was trimming the neighbor's lawn this afteroon and saw a grackle with a dead baby bird hanging from its mouth. A couple hours later I was in the other neighbor's yard and I… More

  • New bird house question

    My wife Becky brought me home a really neat birdhouse today... The opening is just over 1/14 inch, and it stands one foot tall, not including the top thingy... It has a nice hinged door on the back for cleaning too... It's well made of real solid wood, real bark… More

  • Help with Something for Part Sun Bed.

    Hey all! Just finished putting in my "shade" "part sun bed" but I really need ideas for what I can add to it for winter interest when everything else goes to sleep for with winter. I have peonies, astilbe, bleeding hearts, hostas, coleus, etc. But I want something evergreen that… More

  • Good berry bushes for shade?

    ...ry bushes in my backyard but it will be under the roof over hang...do any of them do good in shade? Also, do you have a lot of bee problems with berry bushes? More

  • Mystery Tree?

    ... it. We do trim it quite a bit to keep it off the roof and scratching noises off the siding. I wish I could get the whole thing… More

  • 14 months in the life of a vegetable patch

    I am new to this site and as an introduction though I would show what can be done with a bit of hard work in my spare time. The first shot is of my new allotment in Liverpool UK March 2006, the seconed, that summer and the thirsd from the… More

  • Building another greenhouse

    ...o. It is a lean-to style off the south side of my gardening shed. We have used it since to start seeds and planted our tomatoes in the raised bed along the south side. We have aquired 2 complete 6 foot… More

  • Rain garden/collecting roof rainwater

    ... and I want to be able to channel the water to my gardens. I don't want a bunch of surface hoses either. I've thought… More

  • Planting under roof eaves (with winter snowfall)

    ...t porch foundation but I also have a large (2-3') roof overhang with a steep roof pitch. I'm in a region that has the potential to get quite a bit of snowfall in… More

  • Veggies in Containers on Deck with Limited direct sun?

    ...pt with a deck. And I'd like to do some container gardening on the deck. The trouble is that my building directly faces another building. There is approximately 70 feet between the two bldgs. As a result, the only DIRECT sun is when the… More

  • What is this?

    My mom said she always heard it called "roof leek", but of course I can find nothing under that name. Thought I would ask on here before I went searching for it to try to find out about it. More

  • Elderberries

    Some Amish guys that worked on our roof, said you can do all kinds things with Elderberries. Of course, they didn't know what and how :) . Can anybody help me, please. We have lots of them and I am always open for new things to try :cool: . Thanks,… More

  • Sunrise, Sunset

    ... I'm not going to do a medley from Fiddler On The Roof. :) I grabbed the camera when I saw the sky. That's taken from my back door facing southwest. It was really bright and pretty. More

  • Help me with a siting problem?

    Greets, all. My house has a big, beautiful front porch with a fantastic view. Naturally, it's the favorite hangout spot all summer long -- so, to make it even nicer, I like to grow climbing flowers and train them onto the porch railings and pillars -- morning glories and moonflowers,… More

  • Steve's Photo Journal

    . . . . . . Welcome to my gardening Photo Journal! This is only my second year of gardening, and this year I thought I would share my gardening experience with you. I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. We have a wet and balmy coastal climate that gets alot… More

  • Prayer Request We need a whole new roof

    Please say a prayer request. We need a whole new roof it is leaking into our living room! we just don't have the money right now as my husband had a heart attack in Dec 2005 so we took out a home equity loan against the house and there is… More