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Rock Garden

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  • Ok, let's rock this place, fav music

    ...'m 50 my tastes are definitely along the old time rock lines. (Go figure!) I love me some Carlos Santana, Bob Seger (his early stuff) Tom Petty, Eric Clapton; Sarah Mclachan and Nora Jones for easy listening. I… More

  • Removing rock landscaping

    ...s owner did the entire front yard lanscaping with rock, junipers and other plants. Nothing had been cared for and I have torn out all… More

  • Castle Rock, WA

    Hi....I stumbled upon this site while looking around for info on a particular vegetable I'm wanting to give a try and, hopefully, have success in growing it. This is so wonderful to see people from all around the world. More

  • A big rock

    It's just before where I live,I can see it whenever I open the windows.You may call it a hill,however,it's only part of a hill,which has been removed by human beings.Small trees and plants as well compose a beautiful scene. More

  • Flowers for a rock wall?

    ...any ideas for any ORANGE or yellow flowers for my rock wall? I want to plant some Ajuga Reptans 'Atropupurea'. I've read that Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny)is a nice yellow flower but I'd really like the orange/purple contrast. I live in zone 7 above 6000 ft. It's… More

  • Virginia'a Garden

    ...iend's garden I've planted this garden amidst the rocks and the woods. I go there everyday. I've fashioned a wall out of some of the rocks. There I sit and pray. I thank the Lord for the gifts I have.… More

  • Which disign to choose?

    ...her have different levels and have staris made of rock, or I can have a basic flat gared. this will be a rose garden. Thank you:) More

  • Help, its a slope, help!

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi everyone! I've got a problem...a slope with a vengence. Our front lawn is a slope you could ski down. Actually, its not that tall, but it is quite steep. Its grassy and a bear to mow. This is our first summer in our new house and I… More

  • Sedums

    I am thinking of making a small rock garden out back in a semi shaded area. I have some nice rocks for it and some hens and chicks..but I would also like to get some sedums for it and I am wondering what kinds would be good for this? Does… More

  • Flowers from my garden

    Here are some photos from my photo diary, I hope you like them. For those who have known me a while, I have also included pictures of the boys. The one in the tux is Colin, with his beautiful Ruth, taken just before they left for junior prom in May.… More

  • my garden

    ...ates. Some of the beds still have the square foot gardening grid on them. Im still deciding if I like… More

  • Rock flower

    ...the scientific name of this flower.But we call it rock flower since it looks like a rock.So simple,but so different.Don't you think so? More

  • Rediscovering the Rock Garden

    ... of the front bed, I discovered a number of large rocks (ranging from 1 SF to about 6 SF) in the front bed. the house is on… More

  • Rock garden plant question

    I found a site that lists rock garden plants, but doesn't sell the plants. There were so many darling little plant. However most said to protect from winter moisture. Does that mean you have to grow them in troughs and move to covered patio in winter? More

  • Rebuilt rock garden

    Had to rebuild my rock garden the striped wingless chip birds had so many tunnels that it collapsed .The pansies (violets )are starting to come back added a few moss roses to fill in the chipmunk killed plants.But they are blooming. lol More

  • Excellent Rock Garden Formations

    Excellent Rock Garden Formations More

  • REcommendations for rock garden

    ... do have some snow-in-summer that is white in the rockMore

  • Rock garden suggestions

    Well it looks like a firepit to me. I pulled 2 more boulders into it, and the only way I think I can change it is if I tear it apart and start over. I just finished it yesterday and added some plants. I'm not done planting of course, it… More

  • river rock

    I am thinking about using small river rock as a mulch in my flower beds. Does anyone know of any problems this might create? Thanks. More

  • A Rock Plant

    Hi! Love your birdsnest fern on the rock. I have one in a pot. I'd love one like yours. Did you get it on-line or somewhere near you? Patty:) More

  • More rock flowers

    Well,I've found more rock flowers pictures in a forum.They are so smart.Hope you will like them. More

  • rock bed info

    Im considering creating a rock garden. I was wondering if anyone thought that one made up of all different kinds of sedum would be too much? Ive never done one and dont know that I am creative enough to pull it off, but I do have lots of sedum type… More

  • Rock Garden?

    I have a rock retaining wall that is full of gaps and I'd like to find something to fill them in with. Does anybody have any ideas for a plant or small flower (preferably)that will grow in crevices? I'm in zone 7, so I do get snow several feet a… More