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Resources for Gardeners

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  • Growing garlic

    ... hours later I'm still reading! You all are great resources and I find myself continuely chucking outloud at many of the… More

  • Essentials

    How does one set priorities in the garden? If first things come first; what are the first things? Should you be dead heading flowers or digging up dandelions, edging beds or planting trees, reading how-to books or cutting the grass? I have spread myself too thin and I'm reaping the… More

  • they won't let me dig.

    ... kitchen and a shower is being about to garden! Unfortunatly, i'd be… More

  • Help: Which Soil Is Best: Potting? Garden? Planting Mix?

    ...wo above ground outdoor planter boxes (12'x3'x1') for vegetables. I need to fill it with soil, but unsure what to buy at my local box store. Seems like I have choices ranging from: Potting soil,… More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    ...me compacted, weedy, crappy lawn. I'm looking for resources for ideas - links, photos, forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More

  • Organic Food Year Round!

    ...ll not be doing. The closest I ever get is catnip for my kitty. They mention tomatoes, but I imagine in an… More

  • Enhancements for GardenGuides Forums, and Other Areas

    ...y name is Ken Clark, and I am the product manager for GardenGuides.com. I’ve been quietly involved in our forums for some time and I marvel at what a large and passionate group of users we have here. It's with great enthusiasm that I post today to share… More

  • Over the Garden Fence is getting dumped on!

    ...an we do something about our housekeeping in this forum? Right now on page 1 probably half the threads should go into the Gardening forums. This can really get out of hand when it makes it look like Over the Garden Fence is a Gardening forum instead of a social… More

  • Full shade produce? Does it exist?

    ...area where I had hoped to have a lovely vegetable garden and some citrus trees. To my disappointment, I realized the reason there's nothing but rocks over soil there now… More

  • Who Knows Soil??

    ...wo above ground outdoor planter boxes (12'x3'x1') for vegetables. I need to fill it with soil, but unsure what to buy at my local box store. Seems like I have choices ranging from: Potting soil,… More

  • Hello from Wisconsin!

    ...erybody! I'm new to this forum, I'm pretty new to gardening, and I'm new to my house (which has a nice big yard!). I've lived in apartments for so long, and now I finally have the opportunity to start my own garden. Going to be growing veggies this year!… More

  • Harvesting Basil and Parsley

    ...o. I'm new to gardening, and I'm glad to have the resources available here. So thanks in advance for your advice. I'm growing sweet basil and Italian parsley in a pot. When I harvest, how much of the stem (if any) do I need to leave? Thanks, Scooter More

  • Anyone else doing square foot gardening?

    ...what's worked, what you've done differently, what resources you've found to be valuable, etc. Anyone else? More

  • Hi, I'm Rockybane and I love to dig in the dirt

    ...umb as I would like. I don't have all the time or resources to garden as I would like to but I love to do what I can do. Glad to be here and hope to learn a lot. More

  • Resources for helping me learn how to plan a veggie garden?

    ...ple "stick it in the ground and see what happens" gardener to someone who actually has a clue as to what she's doing. But right now, the only thing I know about what to… More

  • root cellar design / plans

    Looking for info or referrals to other sites or resources on designing a root cellar. Need to know 2 types - above ground (such as the one Brenneis by Evergreen Mobile Home park in Edmonton had) or in-ground (traditional style). Many thanks! Heartstone Acres More

  • winter preperation

    ...ing what I should do to prepare. I'm a first time gardener and I was told I should plant some winter plants and I was just wondering which plants grow good in my area and how to protect them. I'm from Kansas… More

  • From the South East Asian

    ...ngland; the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ilocos Norte,… More

  • Newbie question: distance between plantings

    Hi, Brand new to gardening and trying to figure out what I'm doing... Obviously all flowers have guidelines on spacing. When you make a purchase, you're given guidance on how far apart to plant them from each other. What are these rules based on? Is that because the root structures… More

  • anyone know any sites that can help?

    well one of my friends wants ta have me as a resource fer various edibles an inedibles there regon is the canadian rockies which sounds intreasting an its gettin me corious whats natural round here (milwaukee area) too soo im askin any of yall know sites that can help? google… More

  • Seed Saving Resources

    ...wintersown.org/wseo1/Seed_Saving.html SEED SAVING RESOURCES http://homepage.tinet.ie/~merlyn/seedsaving.html The Need for Seed A Guide to Seed Saving By Brook Elliott Brook wrote this article forMore

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