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Repotting or Transplanting Plants

Repotting or Transplanting Plants Articles

Repotting or Transplanting Plants Videos

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  • when do i prune them?

    I have 2 small rose plants. I probably need to repot them and i also didn't even trim them. I left the outside too. I'm not sure if they are dead or not. Things have just been so crazy. I just don't know where to start with anything either. I… More

  • I'm so curious...

    ...got it from a friend and it was in a small pot. I repotted them and they started growing like crazy. They grew so tall and straight at first ( see pic last pic. they are the ones in the top… More

  • transplanting bell peppers

    ...big enuff for 1 of them, so i desperately need to repot them. my problem is 2fold. 1st, i don't think i've ever successfully repotted/transplanted anything. and 2nd, 2 of the plants have peppers growing, and… More

  • Help! African Violet with Broken Neck

    ...! My dad, while trying to help me out, decided to repot my plant and in the process,… More

  • Orchid plant.

    ...art where the flowers were? When and how should I repot it? More

  • ID Please

    ...s plant a year or so ago...it was very tiny and I repoted and have been growing it in the greenhouse...would like to know the name ...Thanks everyone...:) More

  • New pot

    ...is pot!!! Only problem is I don't know what the 3 plants are with it?:confused: one is an ivy I think. 2 is a grass I think, and 3 is variegated and already has spots on the leaves. Help me save all 3 please??? ID… More

  • HELP

    ...n container and large bonsai pine. He flooded the plants after this to try to dilute. Help will this kill the trees? More

  • Re potting questions.

    When is a good time to repot? I've had a few plants/trees/shrubs in its containers for a few years now. They still look healthy: green, draining well. More

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    ...ut it out side in the sun for the day planning on repotting it.… More

  • Weeping pussy willow in a pot.

    So I have this weeping pussy willow. The guy said repotting it would be good but not to use regular garden soil so what do I use? Potting soil? Any special directions? Also it seemed to almost die with the heat but it's coming back. I'll get some pictures. I'm… More

  • Repotting prayer plant

    ...erything that I am reading about this guy suggest repotting in the spring. Do I really need to wait until then? It needs to be repotted now. Also, how much bigger should the new pot be, and what type of soil am I supposed to be using. (I am a… More

  • RePotting?

    ... starting to outgrow their 6 inch pots. I want to transplant them into bigger pots.(Are you following me?) How can I do this? Should I do it now before… More

  • First Try At Repotting

    ...I got for work was getting too big, so I tried to repot it. I also picked up a Medusa Pepper plant today and tried to pot that from a peat pot. The ivy I think I did OK on. I got a pot one size up along… More

  • Mothers Day MINI Roses

    ...yone help me on what i should do i am thinking of repotting after this great flush of blooms into maybe to pots. Can i get… More

  • Huge Ivy

    ...rise surprise, I talked Mr. Bayou into buying and repotting it into a larger pot. With what florists charge now days I can only imagine what that thing cost. It… More

  • please help me!

    i have had a plant for the last four or five years now, and it has always been very easy to take care of. it wilts, i water it, it goes back to its previous lovely state. lately it has been looking not as healthy. some of the leaves have… More

  • Sweet Woodruff

    ...t from the ones I already have and I picked out a plant. They had nice little pots of sweet… More

  • avocado....

    ...her by sprouting the seed in water or by actually planting the seed in soil. Many people start avocado trees as novelty… More

  • Repotting during the summer?

    I believe it's time to replant my gardenia in a larger pot, but I wasn't sure if doing that in the summer is a bad idea? I know that planting anything in our AZ heat isn't a smart thing to do and can sometimes kill the plant. Do the rules… More