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Red Maple

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  • What is this berry?

    ...o. The berries are partially yellow and partially red, although they may not be fully ripe yet. The berries are about a quarter inch long, and sort of oblong, and… More

  • Hello from Northern Arizona!

    ...us during the day! Seedlings are coming up and my Red Maple, planted last summer, is waking up! Hugs to all! Lisa:p More

  • transplant a maple

    ...her question -- I have lots of questions.:D I ordered a bare root red maple from a seed company and planted it 2 years ago. Now, much to my amazement at my… More

  • Japanese Maple did not drop leaves this winter

    My 12 foot red Japanese maple only dropped about 10% of it's leaves so far, where some smaller ones I have in different locations have lost all their leaves a month or so ago. Is this a sign the tree is getting ready to fail or is it just due… More

  • WHAT is this TREE?

    WHAT is the NAME of this TREE? We found it growing in the yard of a vacant home, so there is no one to ask. A recent wind storm had knocked a branch out of it, so we rushed home and snapped the attached photo. I am pretty sure it… More

  • Japanese Maple in Full Sun?

    ...h is zone 8 for our area. We had a green Japanese maple at our house, I think it was called Virdis or Viridis. It got lot's of sun with a little late afternoon shade. My husband wanted something with… More

  • New here

    Hi all! :banana-wa I am new here and a novice gardener. I am a SAHM with three children ages 4,2 and almost 3 months. I live in central Arkansas. This looks like a great spot to get some advice from people who have been doing this longer than me. I… More

  • Trillium...Red vs. White

    ...the very occasional white one, but almost all are red. I understand that in most places, it's the white that is more common. Might… More

  • Are these weeds??

    ...rowing on my lawn. They look almost like from the maple tree. Roots are pretty easy to pull out. They spread like crazy in the back yard. I have looked through all the common weed pictures online. However I could not find any ones… More

  • Fall Foliage Photos

    I think this is a red maple leaf. It was laying perfectly on my front steps. More

  • Japanese Maples

    ...green but I also found several saplings that were red Japanese maples and we dont have any of those. Is this… More

  • Help Needed for my Red Maple Tree.....

    I was just out checking our 6 year old red maple tree for caterpillars (the tent kind) and noticed that a lot of the leaves have holes in them and some look shredded, so obviously something is munching on them. Wondering if there is something I should be spraying this… More

  • Red Japanese Maple

    My DH gave me a Red Japanese Maple for Christmas. We just got it the other day (boy are they expensive) I have planted it and it seems to be doing well. It has a branch kind of low and I want to cut it off. Can I root this… More

  • Red Dragon Maple

    ...7th wedding anniversary. She bought me a 4ft tall Red Dragon Maple tree. I need all the help I can get to plant it and take care of it. So please… More

  • What kind of Japanese Red Maple is this?

    ...nt to be sure how to identify it. This is a large maple, not a dwarf species. I have seen ones with other growth habits. This has very graceful growing habit. I used the trees as an… More

  • Japanese Red Maple

    ...y tree. These seeds are collected from this large maple. I am guessing this tree is 15' tall at this time. This particular tree very graceful growing habit. I used the trees as an example of winter gardening, since they are usually… More

  • japanese maple problem

    ...d make my seemingly healthy 11+ year old japanese red maple not bloom on at least 2/3 of its branches?This tree looked perfectly healthy last year,and the fact that most of it may be dead is killing me.Is there anything… More

  • Seeds To Trade

    ...erry, Candy Cane Sunflower - pretty, red/mahogany Maple Tree - Sugar Maple Olive Tree - 2 commercial seeds Fingerling Potato Tubers Blue Hubbard Squash Many more seeds from 2007 Looking for: Dwarf Flowers Container Veggies Unusual… More

  • No fall color on Japanese maple

    ... I planted in spring is supposed to have "blazing red" fall color. The leaves are a dull green and brown and are now falling. What happened to the red? More

  • Red Japanese Maple seeds

    I have yet to find seeds from our Red Japanese Maple tree in the many years since planting. Do they not produce many seeds, if any? Would appreciate any information. More

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