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Pulling Weeds

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  • Getting yellow leaves on Hibiscus. Normal?

    ... don't, but other days I find a bunch. (I've been pulling them off.) Is this normal for a hibiscus? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? More

  • Little League World Series

    Does anyone watch this? Me and Wayne love watching those little guys play. They have so much fun and are so enthusatic. The other night, the pitch hit the batter. The pitcher walked over as the runner was taking first and Hi fived him or something......however little leaguers make amends.… More

  • Am I alone here?

    ...do with their time except to make my life a grass-pulling misery. Edited to add: Does it sound like grass is on… More

  • Smells like mum/daisy weed or not?

    ... foliage smelled like mums or daisies. I ended up pulling as much of it out as I could because… More

  • an obnoxious weed

    I have a weed that is coming up everywhere. It looks like clover, only it has a yellow bloom on it. It is even coming up on top of all my mulch. Does anyone know the name of this weed and how to get rid of it? It seems like… More

  • Unloading a Pick Up Truck

    Shoveling and pulling mulch out of a truck is a monstrous job. Went to visit my friends the Rogers and he proudly showed me his new 'toy'. This is just what I need and will puchase this week. Here is a website for you to see.A video is there but… More

  • What is This?

    ...see some of the blue grass attached to it where I pulled these sections out of the lawn. Sure is ugly and… More

  • Big Area Don't know what to do with it!!

    ...plants and Ive been trying to control the weed by pulling- I think Ive… More

  • Spiders!!!

    Yesterday I removed the cover off our grill and a huge Black Widow was right by the propane tank handle. I ALMOST grabbed it when I reached to turn on the grill. This is the 4th BW I have killed in about the last 6 months. The last one was… More

  • best path ways for organic raised beds

    ...the grass in between the beds and I still mow and weed eat it. I have to fight to keep it from growing up through the beds.… More

  • Weeding Lily of the Valley?

    Hi all, I'm new here and to gardening, so forgive me if this is a silly question. Part of my yard has Lily of the Valley and last year I noticed that grass was growing admist it, actually growing taller than it some cases, since I couldn't mow it. I… More

  • Hummm..Interesting weed???

    I planted a certain veggie in 3 places (beds), never actually got to grow this veggie before therefore; not sure if the plants I have are the plants I planted,2nd reason, because they are not in the same place I recorded them being in by sticks/labels . If you know… More

  • creeping phlox being invaded by Gill over the ground

    Other than physically pulling each plant, which would take a month, how could I remove the Gill over the ground and not the creeping phlox? Thanks for any suggestions. More

  • Plant Talk, Can You Handle It?

    Let's start with your Garden Vegetables having a say it this thing, Tom(the tomato), Cat(the cabbage), Lilly(the lettuce), No, we better just let Tom have his say, GT. "OK Tom whats the deal, that slow growing thing you got going on ?" Tom, "GT, glad we can speak freely here,… More

  • Mulching Onions?

    ...nions have taken off well, but noticed the little weeds also have taken off as well, on my hands and knees I with Maggie's… More

  • Question about mulching

    Ok, this may seem like a stupid question BUT I have no clue. For those of you that mulch with wood and stuff how often do you dig your bulbs up that stay in the ground year round and reset them shallower in the ground. I assume after a few… More

  • New Mulcher

    ...on the market for weeds and nothing helps besides pulling the weeds myself and that is very time consuming. This year, I am… More

  • Some sort of fungus?

    While pulling weeds in an area that I am trying to get the moss to spread I found these tiny patches of what looks like some sort of fungus. You can see how tiny it is compared to the maple seed pod. When magnified you can see tiny hairs. More

  • weeds between paving stones

    ...owing', haha). I keep getting crabgrass and other weeds landing in between the stones and it's hard to keep up with it. I'm afraid to spray a weed preventer, because I'm not sure… More

  • How do I get rid of crabgrass at this time of the year??

    ...xeda Tall Fescue.. I seem to have as much or more weeds coming up than grass.. From pics I have seen on the internet, I think the main one might be smooth crabgrass.. I live in… More

  • really sick

    You guys are so great. I had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic over the weekend and ended up in the hospital. Got out late yesterday. I'm so totally whooped, can hardly move, so just been sitting here checking your topics every once in a while. I want to… More

  • Fall Garden Clean Up

    OK I understand some of you still are in the middle of your season, but here in the zone 9-10 , it's time to finish up with the late crops and get ready for some fall gardening, I must admit things can pile up, I always like to have a… More

  • which movie describes your gardenn/yard?

    I decided to recopy this and give it it's own thread! which movie describes your garden? Sitting in the doctor's lounge, I found an old magazine article from Oct/Nov 2005 Organic Gardening Mag and there was an interesting article. The bit was about which well known movie title best describes… More

  • What are you doing in the garden today?

    Hi, everybody! Brand-new member here; I found this forum when I searched for ideas on how to eradicate lily-of-the-valley. This seems like a very active, knowledgeable, and friendly forum! Anyway, what are you up to in your garden today? It's overcast and temperate here in southeast PA today (Saturday) --… More

  • evergreens

    How does one kill an evergreen without pulling or digging it out? They are right next to my foundation More

  • Weeds in path?

    ...he path? Every spring, I break my back howing and pulling up weeds. Especially chickweed from the path. During the blooming times I… More