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  • Propagating Asiatic lilies

    ...de, under the patio. But, I am wondering if I can propagate them (something about scaly bulbs). Or would it be better to do this in spring? More

  • Propagating shrubs

    I'm eager to propagate shrubs to keep in my holding bed till I get my new house at our farm. I'd appreciate any and all tips from anyone who has been successful in this regard. More

  • propagator

    ...wa hey all i was wondering if any one has any old propagators that i can buy of them :rolleyes: (willing to pay postage) More

  • Propagating from cut leaves

    ...es Begonias, is there any other plant that can be propagated from cut leaves? Thank you..:) More

  • Propagating Roses

    ...ioned rose, not a hybrid. I know hybrids can't be propagated because the root stock is different from the growth stock. I have no idea how to do it, so I had to… More

  • How to propagate vinca vines?

    ... vines, so I was wondering if anyone knows how to propagate them? Last season I cut them and used rooting hormones to see if they would root but that didn't work. I maybe cut them wrong, as didn't know what I was doing. I have… More

  • Propagate the Pink Flowering Almond

    ...w the plant is a pink flowering almond, how is it propagated? Is spring the right time after the flowers fade? I have my little sprig in water right now, but maybe that gal will let me get some more cuttings after it finishes flowering. I really… More

  • Crocosmia

    Does anyone know if it's possible to propagate crocosmia from seeds? More

  • Bridal Wreath

    Can you propagate bridal wreath from cuttings More

  • Guzmania...my Favorite Houseplant

    Guzmania Guzmanias are among the most beautiful and colorful bromeliads in cultivation, and one of my favorites. The genus Guzmania was established in 1802 and named after a Spanish pharmacist named "Guzman". Most guzmanias originate from northwstern South America where they occur in the tropical rainforest belt of the Andes… More

  • Moving threads to the correct forums

    ..., but he posted it in Flower Seeds. I moved it to Propagation/Cuttings and Starts but realized later that his thread doesn't show up as a recent post on the main page, so chances are his question would not be… More

  • No new Posts, Please!

    Please post in Seeds in the Plant Propagation Forum. We also have a Seed Swap forum. More

  • Leaf propagation

    This is one of the things I just love about succulents, so many can be propogated by leaves. It is so awesome to watch them root and grow into plants just from a leaf! There are about 40 various leaves in the round bowl....A very wonderful woman from this site… More

  • Bougainvillea Propagation

    :) I purchased two bougainvillea this Spring. I didn't know that they needed to be root bound to bloom. I planted in a small flower bed with a trellis for them to climb. They bloomed their little hearts out for a while but have now just been growing up the… More


    ... would like to be able to identify a seedling for propagation, however, I don't know what they look like. Does anyone have a picture or good description? There are so many wild flowers around it, I can't find one… More

  • Hello! New here

    ...very much to learn! I am especially interested in Propagation/Seed. I… More

  • hydrangea/Chinese hibiscus cuttings

    ...e from my Chinese hibiscus, but have not done any propagation before and have a few questions: 1. Is there enough time left to get them rooted and in the ground to survive the winter?… More

  • Starting Roses

    :D :D My son has a beautiful rose in a sunny spot in his yard next to his porch railing. Year after year it produces beautiful light peach fragrant flowers. Is there any way I can take some of the "bush" & plant it in my yard, other than going… More

  • Howdy from Seattle area, (another one)

    ...ther. I love to garden and my best work is in the propagation of weeds. So I decided to join to expand my ability. (other than the fore-mentioned variety) A question on the photos that are… More

  • propagation

    I am wondering what have you guys done to propagate. African violets Fuschia and Ivy any help and info on these plants would be great. currently I have 2 cuttings from each sitting in jars of water should I add anything to the water or just leave it. I have… More