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Propagating Ornamental Grass

Propagating Ornamental Grass Articles

Propagating Ornamental Grass Videos

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  • Gold fish eggs....

    Just curious... Has anyone on here tried propagating their koi or gold fish? I found a website that made it sound fairly simple and think just for the heck of it may try this year... I find my filters full of eggs in the spring as well as eggs on… More

  • Huge Canna Lillies Help!

    ...s about 6 feet tall and still flowering. They are propagating at an alarming rate. Since I live in Zone C I probably will not have to dig them up for winter.....SO......how do… More

  • Great Wall Bushes

    Does anyone know anything about propagating Great Wall Bushes? Any info at all about them would help. I have tried to do Internet searches about them but all I get is info on President Bush visiting China! I am really worried about my bushes, I am almost positive I will… More

  • Very interesting mystery plant, what can it be???

    This plant randomly came up, perhaps from a seed in some pine straw I put out. It's leaves fold up very compactly at dusk and open in the morning. Yellow flowers developed and now in October long seed pods have developed. It is really neat looking. I am trying to… More

  • propagator

    ...wa hey all i was wondering if any one has any old propagators that i can buy of them :rolleyes: (willing to pay postage) More

  • propagation

    I am wondering what have you guys done to propagate. African violets Fuschia and Ivy any help and info on these plants would be great. currently I have 2 cuttings from each sitting in jars of water should I add anything to the water or just leave it. I have… More

  • Bridal Wreath

    Can you propagate bridal wreath from cuttings More

  • How to propagate vinca vines?

    ... vines, so I was wondering if anyone knows how to propagate them? Last season I cut them and used rooting hormones to see if they would root but that didn't work. I maybe cut them wrong, as didn't know what I was doing. I have… More

  • Bougainvillea Propagation

    :) I purchased two bougainvillea this Spring. I didn't know that they needed to be root bound to bloom. I planted in a small flower bed with a trellis for them to climb. They bloomed their little hearts out for a while but have now just been growing up the… More

  • help me topic

    Hello Iam mercedes, which is the name that I give to my rosemarys. my plants are almost two feet tall. tell what can I do to prevent some leaves at the bottom from turning yellow. Is this a natural thing that happens when they begin to get tall? perhaps they… More

  • Coleus Cuttings

    I am new to propagating plants from cuttings and I was wondering: 1. When should I take cuttings from my various coleus? 2. What do I do next? Should I dip the cutting into rooting hormone and then place in a container (pot) of moist soilless starting medium? Then cover… More

  • Propagating from cut leaves

    ...es Begonias, is there any other plant that can be propagated from cut leaves? Thank you..:) More

  • Propagating Roses

    ...ioned rose, not a hybrid. I know hybrids can't be propagated because the root stock is different from the growth stock. I have no idea how to do it, so I had to… More

  • Propagating Dogwood

    I have taken cuttings from a Pink Dogwood trees. Anyone have any experience with this? I have no idea what will come of this experiment. It would be nice to see even one of them root. Linda B from SC More

  • Propagating Asiatic lilies

    ...de, under the patio. But, I am wondering if I can propagate them (something about scaly bulbs). Or would it be better to do this in spring? More

  • propagating a polka dot plant?

    hi all my neighbor gave me a dinky little scrap of a p.d. plant last year, and apparently it loves my south facing patio door...is almost 3 feet tall and has flowered. trouble is, it's 3 skinny stalks (though they're very leafy) and couldn't stand up so i put a… More

  • meadow sage

    ...from it. Do I root it in water? Soil? I looked up propagating and it just says by rooting. Has anyone had any luck or even tried? (silly question :rolleyes: ) More

  • Advice needed for yellow bearded iris seeds

    My mother needs advice for propagating seeds from bearded iris (yellow). I don't know much about these plants--- let alone the seeds, soil conditions needed, etc. Would appreciate some advice, if anyone has the time. More

  • propagating african violet leaf problem

    Thanks! I chopped off that section and we'll see what happens. I appreciate your response!:) More

  • Propagating shrubs

    I'm eager to propagate shrubs to keep in my holding bed till I get my new house at our farm. I'd appreciate any and all tips from anyone who has been successful in this regard. More

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