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Primrose Flower

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  • Ants eating blossoms

    This is a blog from "Hyacinth" She is having problems with perhaps Ants eating the blossoms on some of her plants. Maybe someone can help her a bit. You, see, I have a garden inside and out side. inside i grow from seeds since ths is Canada and is freezing… More

  • Evening Primrose and all year flowers?

    ...an interesting rounding out. I grabbed an evening primrose the other night (don't ask). Anyways, it got me to thinking about the new space I am going to be working in and there are some boxes out front sitting fallow. So, anyways, we have(maybe,… More

  • what a flower or weed...

    This came up in my Eveneing Primrose bed in early spring. It already had buds, and I did not recognize it, sooo moved it to a more open spot to see what it might do. Here it is today. It is morning bloomer. Sorry the larger pic is so bad.… More

  • Evening Primrose HELP

    ... made the horrible mistake of planting some in my flower bed in front of my bedroom windows last year,… More