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  • Potatoes

    We just dug the potatoes yesterday. We didn't get as big a yeild as we hoped we would, but these should last a while. For one 30 ft. row, we managed to get a bit more than half a bushel. More

  • How often to hill potatoes

    Hi all, Last night I hilled up my potatoes for the second time. I hilled them up using a couple year old compost mixed with some horse manure and left about four inches of green above ground. Much to my surprise when I got home from work today I see… More

  • Love Potatoes

    Love potatoes fixed any way. I've got several new varieties on the way in. Going to do 2 beds this year and experiment a little. New taters, green beans and some onion......yummy! More

  • Potatoes

    I planted some potatoes about a week ago and they are growing like mad. Here is a pic of one of the stems that have come out of the ground. Should I be mounding dirt over it now? I took this pic yesterday and it seems to have grown about… More

  • Potatoes crack when they hit the air

    I would like to know why when I dig up my potatoes they sometimes crack once I get them out of the ground. More

  • Anybody growing potatoes in Deep south or Florida?

    I want to plant potatoes this year. I have found some varieties listed in the Univ. of FL site that can be grown here. Anybody have recommendations? More

  • Potatoes in the Barrel "Where are they?"

    ...rels but it's not looking good. I read that early potatoes would not climb to the top of ,barrel, bag or wire hoops that they would only produce on the lower roots?, My seed potatoes came from the… More

  • Moles & Potatoes

    I am just about ready to plant my potatoes in the next couple of days. The question is will the resident mole try to eat them? Should I line the area with chicken wire of would the holes on that even be small enough to keep one out? Just trying… More

  • Planting potatoes..

    ... in a given area, when is the right time to plant potatoes? Around here (Indiana) they say furrow them in on Good Friday... This year that's mid April which I worry about a bit... Seems to me that a cold wet spell could… More

  • growing potatoes in containers

    has anyone grown potatoes in containers before? i am trying this for the first time and would appreciate any tips. the inside measurements of my square container are 11.5wX12h. will that be big enough for one potato plant or should i get something bigger? any suggestions would be appreciated. More

  • Growing potatoes with Straw

    I happened to run across the whole growing potatoes under straw thing last year and was going to try it and also plant some in the ground to see how much different they would turn out from the two ways. Unfortunately I got side tracked and never planted any potatoesMore

  • Potatoes

    Does anyone know when to plant potatoes? In the spring or the fall? I am in Illinois. Thank you. More

  • First time potatoes

    The guy at the seed store sold me some seed potatoes and i have never planted potatoes before ,is there anything special i need to do as far as bed prep or fertilizer.I guess the main thing i need to know is how deep i should plant.They Are red potatoes. More


    I would like to grow some potatoes. What kind of fertilizer should I use? How do I go about planting the potatoe? How long should I wait before checking for potatoes? More

  • Getting red potatoes to sprout...

    For years now I've used store bought potatoes as my seed potatoes for my garden... Usually during the winter, I set aside good quality potatoes that are starting to sprout and just before planting, I cut them and dust the cut end with Captan (spelling?) fungicide... It helps heal up… More

  • Wisteria and potatoes

    ...e any? Would also like to know if anyone has seed potatoes. Karen More

  • sweet potatoes

    I harvested my sweet potatoes yesterday. got 3 good ones. Only 3 plants survived. will do better next year! I didn't realize they only grew 1 potatoe per plant though :( these won't last me long. I had 1 for dinner tonight. More

  • When to harvest potatoes

    I've never planted potatoes before so this year I decided to try a plant. It's gotten quite big and I'm not sure when to start digging. Help? Thanks! More

  • Scabby potatoes

    I have a real problem with scabby potatoes. The scab doesn't affect them in terms of keeping them over winter, but it doesn't look very attractive. Any suggestions? More

  • Digging Potatoes

    Well dug potatoes today, the red potatoes were huge but those D#$#@$#$ grub worms eat their fair share, the white (tougher skin)potatoes had little damage, so I will plant white from now own. after the barrel experience(see pictures) the ground planted potatoes truly out performed the barrel ones, I covered… More