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  • 1st time pond gardener

    ...re buying a house that has a small man made water pond. 2 little ponds actually one flows into the other. any tips on caring for it? right now it's got lots of leaves in it, I'm wondering if it should have been tarped over during winter, or if that… More

  • Another New Person Here

    Hello Everyone. Just thought I'd drop a few lines here ane tell you about myself.I am married, have 4 grown children and a grandson. I am living for now in Upstate N.Y. but my home is in Seattle, Wash. We have 3 yorki-maltese poodle dogs and 2 cats, who think… More

  • game wardens seize pet koi in maine

    i knew they were illegal to have them in ponds here but not in fish tanks i've always wanted to have a pond full of them but never did cause of the law http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/news/local/060725exoticfish.shtml More

  • Chatty's garden

    ...ext spring.. we really need some rain, rivers and ponds are low here, but decent temps for Nov so i am not going to complain!! More

  • Ranger Dan's mystery flower

    an artist on Wetcanvas recently posted photos of this flower and wondered what it was. he lives in Mesa, AZ. here's his description: it was about 2' - 2.5' high, the blue-ish - lavender-ish flowers probably 1/4"maybe bigger - maybe up to 1/2". Popped up beside the reeds in one… More

  • Backyard habitat

    I was online last wk. and I am applying to be certified as a backyard habitat , from the National wildlife federation. Has any of U seen that show on Animal Plante ?? Well , U can go online and apply to be certified. Just fill out a form and… More

  • Waterfall & Pond will not stay clear

    Hello Everyone: My husband built a beautiful pond and waterfall for me about two years ago. The pond is 550 gallons, pump is 1800 gph, and we have a filter with water running through volcanic rock. I am so proud of his crafmanship (he is a bricklayer) and love my… More

  • Pond Keeper

    Hello pond Keepers! Wish to get in touch with pond keepers here... Hope to see a lot. Thanks.:) More

  • Installing a Backyard Fish Pond Tips

    Installing a backyard fish pond is an aesthetic addition to your landscaping and offers a bit of tranquility as well. However, taking care of backyard fish ponds is not as easy as one might think. And, you have to do more than simply install the fish pond and then let… More

  • Pond Lovers

    :broccoli: Who here has a pond, if you do talk about it. I love hearing about other peoples ponds, even put in your pictures. i built mine 2 years ago, its an insert pond and sits in bricks with rocks around it and koi, i love it but its not… More

  • What wild flowering plant is this?

    ...nt. It seems to like open, wet areas as there are ponds or marshy areas very close to where it… More


    I am new to fish ponding but know the helpful people here can give me some tips. What is required to keep fish in a small pond.. that is less than 1 acre? I seeded it with catfish and large-mouth bass 18 months ago. I have two ponds and am… More

  • birds and ponds?

    ... wondering will wild sea birds try to eat fish in ponds? Thinking of making a pond but want to know this first.lol. More

  • Let's talk ponds

    We have goldfish that live in ours and a couple of toads that visit often. More

  • .Frogs and Ponds

    No matter how small the pond or 'rock pool' in my case, you will likely find froggies. The first fellow will get a seat upon the pool, his name is Freddie the Fisher Frog. The trio are the Gamblers. Notice they sit under the solar light so they can play… More

  • deck ponds

    ... i just recently picked up a slightly used prefab pond liner at a local garage sale and i would like to build a box for it so i can use it on my deck instead of in the ground. i have check with my local garden and pond people… More

  • Flood Watch

    ...t 15 inches of rain yesterday ! Its filled all my ponds up and then some. More on the way. More

  • Pond Salt

    Does anybody add pond salt to their ponds? If so is there an easy way to figure out how much you are supposed to put. I have 3 ponds and often am unsure about the amount I should put in. One pond is about 200 gallons, one is about 60… More

  • What is this tree/plant??

    I came across this pic on the ponds thread and I'm DYING to know what this tree is !!! Anyone know ??? More

  • Ponds.

    ...dog can't get to it at all. Now, we want to add a pond. One of our neighbors has a really nice pond thing but it cost like 2000$. Is there… More