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  • For fun: Top 15 Wish List

    I thought it would be fun to have a post where everyone can post there top 15 things from there wish list. Who knows, you may get lucky & someone else have something you want! I'll start: 1. crown imperial 2. cork screw or shell vine 3. weepping pussy willow… More

  • Plumeria acutifolia

    I got this picture from a Chinese forum.It's really beaufiful.We call it "egg flower" since its color looks like the egg. It belongs to dogbane branch and origins from Mexico and Venezuela.I hope I can get one.But so far as I know, the dogbane is poisonous.I don't know it is… More

  • Flowering plant, foxglove/digitalis esque

    Greetings all! Pleased to meet you.... This is my first spring/early summer in my new (old) home and I'm frantically trying to identify everything that's growing here. This is my first go-round with already established grounds, so please be gentle if I ask about something that seems woefully obvious. Thus… More

  • Poem

    I wrote this for my Garden friends,;) Garden Guides is a jewel in the net And with you now, I’m willing to bet That who ever happens upon this site Will be truly blest with all their might No more tears over a garden quest In the knowledge of others… More

  • Waiting for a Bloom

    I received these two Plumerias from one of our members here on GG(Andrea), early last year. They have not bloomed yet, can anyone tell me when I can expect them to bloom? Thanks John More

  • Plumeria Seeds

    Here are some pics of plants and soforth. thanks Rannnnnnnn By the way, this is the flower that they make the Hawaiian Lei from , and the fragrance is heavenly..and they all are a little different.. More

  • Plumeria in Zone 8

    Next is the Plumeria. I started this from two cuttings about 4yrs ago. Now it is a lovely specimen. The weather has turned cold and we will have a few nites of 30 and under sometime here soon. Should I bring it inside for the winter so it doesnt lose… More

  • Plumeria and Euphorbia

    My other collection from succulent family, Plumeria "Bali Dancer", Euphorbia hybrid "Lady Valentine" More

  • Plumeria from cuttings

    Anyone crazy about Plumeria cuttings? Below is a picture of my first blooms from a cutting I started last year. More

  • My Plumeria when to dig up?

    I rolled in my potted plumeria last winter only to return to the outdoors in spring. I have to say she put on a beautiful show for me with her blooms for quite some time up til 3 weeks ago. This year I am unable return indoors as the plant… More

  • Plumeria is Growing!!!

    I recently got some Plumeria seeds on E-bay and today I see 3 have started to grow!!!!! am so happy as I have wanted to try these plants for ages but the seeds are sooo expensive but I managed to snag some for $2.99 on E-Bay. They are gorgeous plants… More

  • Non blooming Plumeria

    the first year i planted my plumeria cutting, it bloomed like crazy. i put my plant to "sleep" for the winter,( in Missouri), when it warms up (like now), i bring it back with sunlight and waterings, it leafs out nicely but it hasn't bloomed in the last two years.… More

  • Plumeria

    Does anyone know where I can get plumeria seeds and/or cuttings? Thanks. More

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