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Plants Poisonous to Cats, Dogs & Other Pets

Plants Poisonous to Cats, Dogs & Other Pets Articles

Plants Poisonous to Cats, Dogs & Other Pets Videos

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  • Unknown Poison(?) Plant

    I collect plants from my own property. every year some new plan/weeds show up, but instead of killing them I put new guests in designated area and enjoy them as they grow. My front yard is my "Laboratory" even thou some people think that i don't have enough money to… More

  • Flat Ground Planting "Summers Coming"

    ...k , I know , I love Raised Beds, but I'm going to plant two rows 3' wide by 24' long with Peanuts,Seed Spacing using my 6" wire grid. I will add 4 (big Wheel Barrow) tubs of Horse Poo & Leaves(the year old stuff) 8 oz 6-6-6 (ok cheating… More


    ... maybe they are missing something or they've been poisoned. I did spray my lilly buds with the deer… More

  • cirig

    ...d the soil, and got out all the big roots. Then I planted and mulched. There are these weird things growing through… More

  • Castor bean pictures

    ...e birdie wanted to see pictures of my castor bean plants, well there's no time like the present! I am posting this in the annuals forum because these plants will not withstand a freeze. They also will not self-seed (to the best of my knowledge) unless you are a… More

  • Pocket Gophers attack

    ...ght to it. Sprinklers or drip hoses work better. -Poisons don't work and traps are yuckie. -Use wire cages under everything that you want to… More

  • Fels Naptha Soap

    ...anted to pass it along. I was reading a post on another message board where the person makes her own laundry detergent using this as part of the recipe. I wanted to pass the name of the product on to folks on this… More

  • Help Identifying Plants #2

    ...y question is, how do I get rid of it & is it poisonous? Also, what is it? #4: This… More

  • Christmas plants

    ...his year. We do have cats, so preferrably nothing poisonous. :) More

  • Information about poisonous plants.

    ...will give reliable information on whether certain plants are poisonous to pets or humans? Some one was asking about the berries on black mondo grass. Any one here know if they are poisonous? More

  • Hi from Pennsylvania

    ... I'm new here, always looking for great help with plants, particularly since my green thumb isn't very green... My name is Annie and I do have some experience working with plants, particularly when they're planted outside and I really don't have to worry about watering and things, which… More

  • Newbie Here!

    ...oday. I am brand new to gardening. (well kind of) Other then planting a few annuals in planters every spring, I've really never done much else to the yard. So I'm excited to finally start fixing up the yard. I want to have flowers along… More

  • blue and red berries in my garden

    ...s inhabitants. We have two kinds of berry-bearing plants. The first (photo 1) is a small tree with red berries. The second (photos 2 and 3) is a plant with frond-like stalks about 1-3 feet… More

  • Horn of Plenty flower

    We grew some horn of plenty plants this year for the first time. They are very beautiful and impressive. The plants are about six feet tall with large dark green leaves and huge double purple and white flowers. They are now making big bristly seed pods and I plan to… More

  • New to Garden Guides

    Hello everyone, Just a little about me. I'm from Westbrook, Maine. I started gardening last year in containers. I loved it so this year I have made raised beds to give myself & partner 80 sq ft of veggie space. We also have a couple of flower beds and some… More

  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    ... but is best to keep them out of reach regardless Plants Poisonous to Cats Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More