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Planting Lawn Grass

Planting Lawn Grass Articles

  • Basic Lawn Care

    ... However, there are often very simple reasons the grass is not performing well.… More

  • Grass Seed Planting

    ...e established before hot weather hits. Fall grass planting is also recommended by the… More

  • Types of Grass for Planting

    ...lization, but also on selecting the right type of grass. Several commonly grown turfgrass… More

  • Ranunculus Planting

    If you're in the market for a hardy, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance bloomer, ranunculus, or Persian… More

Planting Lawn Grass Videos

Join the Discussions About Planting Lawn Grass

  • What are you planting in 09

    As of now I'm planing on planting 20 tomato plants, lettuce lots of different kinds, 3 lbs of sets for green onions and 3 -16 foot rows of shell beans and a row of green beans. More

  • Planting cabbage

    ...his question, being I grew up with my grandfather planting all this stuff-but I, myself have never planted cabbage. Does each cabbage plant produce only one head of cabbage? I know they take a lot of room, but I don't want 8 cabbage plants; I… More

  • over winter planting

    I have my fall planting done so I'll still get fresh vegetables in late fall, but I was wondering what I should plant in late fall so it comes up in spring? I remember seeing an article on that somewhere on this website, but I can't find it. Is it… More

  • fall planting

    ...ll is after september 21 st or so? what would you plant then ? id love to know it all ..... More

  • Planting daffodils instead

    I think ill plant daffodils instead since they bloom longer and don't have to be refrigerated for awhile first. Tura More

  • New beans 2nd planting

    My 2nd planting of yellow beans the 1st planting is in flower. Cant wait to have new beans ,taters and ham. More

  • container planting??

    ...er. i'm am going to grow vegetables. is container planting suitable for a vegetable garden? my container is about 2 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep. is this going to be difficult? More

  • What bulbs will you be planting this fall?

    So what bulbs will you all be planting this fall? I always plant freesia's. I like the double ruffled ones and the exotic colors. The fragrant scent is so great. I stick the bulbs in all my planters and container pots so I see them everywhere in the spring. More

  • Companion Planting

    ...ne have any advice for us on how to do "companion planting" in raised beds? We love vegetables and I love to use fresh herbs.… More

  • planting columbine seeds

    ... me if there are any special rules to follow when planting columbine seeds. I've sowed some on top of soil about a month ago and can't see any seedlings yet ,Thanks More

  • planting spinach to overwinter

    Has anyone had success planting spinach in late fall to germinate next spring? How late in the fall did you plant it? --mary-carbondale More

  • Planting Tools

    I made some planting Grids from wire Fence and Concrete Reinforcing Wire. The reason was to let my 6 year-old twins join the planting and keep the seeds and transplants in the row, Not that I had a problem , of course not. Here are the pictures of a 4"… More

  • greenhouse planting

    :rolleyes: Love to see picture's of fellow gardeners Greenhouse's More

  • Fall planting

    ...ing next to us and we want to get a jump start on planting some pines between us and them. :D Is this an Ok thing to do this late in the year?? I'm in zone 4 SE MN. More

  • Burying a soaker hose in a small patch of lawn

    Hello, I have a long, narrow strip of ground out in front of my house that is between my sidewalk and the street. I'd say it is roughly 2' in width and 40' long. This is also known as a parking strip, from what I hear. At the moment, there… More

  • bahai grass in yard

    ... how can I get rid of it. It came from the county planting it on the road side after laying water lines. Help. obx 1 More

  • Help clearing grass from garden!

    ...when I wasn't) so my side garden got overrun with grass. I've tried digging some up with a garden rake, and it's tough going and I know I'm not getting all the roots. I think it may be… More

  • JoyCreek Lawn Renovating

    ...autiful garden surrounding an area that should be grass but is instead a combination of sick looking grass, weeds and mud. I'm seriously considering covering the whole… More

  • Treating for grubs; planting grass seed

    ...s right away. I am not entirely sure what type of grass I have. My questions are 1)How do I know if the lawn is permanently… More

  • Planting a parking strip

    Do you have any good ideas for replacing grass in a parking strip (the strip of grass between the sidewalk and road)? Ours is about 3 ft. by 6 ft. long and has a small maple in the middle. It gets hot afternoon sun. I'd like an evergreen groundcover like… More

  • Shady/moist planting suggestions?

    I have a tiny strip of planting bed next to my front walkway, right up against the foundation of my house that gets pretty much no direct sunlight, and stays fairly damp because of it. I've always been at a loss for what to plant there. I'm a HUGE hosta… More

  • Companion Planting

    Does anybody utilize companion planting? And have you had success or failure? Im thinking of doing all companion planting this year. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Kris More

  • new planting area

    Just planted this new area in front of our fence. What do you think? More

  • companion planting

    What is the scoop on companion planting? Does it work? Can you list who like whom and who dislikes whom? More

  • Moist/shady area planting suggestions?

    I have a tiny strip of planting bed next to my front walkway, right up against the foundation of my house that gets pretty much no direct sunlight, and stays fairly damp because of it. I've always been at a loss for what to plant there. I'm a HUGE hosta… More

  • Planting Pachysandra (seeds or only plants?)

    ...ng in a new sidewalk (who know they would ruin my lawn over area 8 feet in from the sidewalk). I wanted to plant pachysandra in the area (it's large and a… More

  • planting under grass

    I'm about to plant some bulbs for the first time ever, and I really have no clue what I'm doing. (I'm actually okay with perennials and such, but I haven't started messing around with bulbs/tubers.) One of the things I'm most unclear on is whether bulbs can be planted under… More

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