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Planting & Growing Spring Bulbs

Planting & Growing Spring Bulbs Articles

Planting & Growing Spring Bulbs Videos

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  • Bulb Planting questions

    ...shutter button, I'm clueless...... So I just transplanted a bunch of Amaryllis bulbs from the backyard where the puppy seems to think they are tasty....to the front where they will show a bit better. Our front yard needs all the help it can get.… More

  • Grape Hyacinth planting question

    I just recently acquired about a hundred or so bulbs of grape hyacinth from a neighbor. She dug them up just a few days ago and clipped the green foilage back to about an inch long. I am creating a new flower bed and would like to know how deep… More

  • over winter planting

    ...hat I should plant in late fall so it comes up in spring? I remember seeing an article on that somewhere on this website, but I can't find it. Is it… More

  • planting under grass

    I'm about to plant some bulbs for the first time ever, and I really have no clue what I'm doing. (I'm actually okay with perennials and such, but I haven't started messing around with bulbs/tubers.) One of the things I'm most unclear on is whether bulbs can be planted under… More

  • Planting under Walnut trees?

    ... so far are daylily and bleeding heart along with spring bulbs like grape hyacinth,daffodils and bluebells. Help a newbie out...please! :D Thanks More

  • When are you supposed to plant bulbs?

    ...have no idea, when are the timelines for planting bulbs? More

  • i need advice planting flowers

    ...ony garden, I really thought it wuld be very easy planting flowers,(from seeds) but NO!! all the other balconies around us are blooming with… More

  • Planting tulips now question zone 9

    ...bought pansy's and i want to plant those over the bulbs for color til the bulbs come thru then bloom. what should be the… More

  • Late Planting

    ...e them over the winter so I can plant them in the spring? More

  • Late Planting

    ... If so, how should I protect the containers until spring? Any advice appreciated. More

  • planting spinach to overwinter

    ...s planting spinach in late fall to germinate next spring? How late in the fall did you plant it? --mary-carbondale More

  • Fall onion and garlic planting questions

    ...r the winter. I've only grown green onions in the spring and don't quite know where to start. Would it be better to start from seed or sets? Anyone have any good varieties that grow well in the… More

  • What are your fall planting plans?

    ... all along and now will be filling in spaces with bulbs etc..this fall some friterlaria around my beds to help deter moles.. And I have some major clean up to do this fall, one whole bed has to be redone and with the drought… More

  • Unidentified Planting

    ...an iris shape I think). I planted these from tiny bulbs, they sprouted like palm leaves and now have taken… More

  • 9.00 planting and seed growing table

    :D I just wanted to show off! I went to the thrift store here on post ( Army Base, Fort Campbell ) one day a week they offer a free shopping for 15 minutes. You can take one large item a carry out that will not fit in a bag… More

  • What are Exotica bulbs??

    ...one know what these are?? I'm a bit nervous about planting free gifts, as they might be invasive. Thanks for any help you can offer. :) More

  • Spring Planting

    ...coli, onions, radishes, and garlic. What have you planted? More

  • bulbs in the fridge

    ... to put them in the fridge for a few weeks before planting. It that a wives tale or just no longer necessary… More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    ...e and I planted some Lilies. The Lilies have been growing and blooming nicely these past two summers. We just recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • What bulbs will you be planting this fall?

    ...nd container pots so I see them everywhere in the spring. More

  • Spring flowering bulbs: will this work?

    ... course, all the little markers I put down in the spring have disappeared, and I have no idea what Our Wild Friends have eaten. So I… More

  • New bulbs

    ...so I bought a bag of each (even though I was told spring would be the better time for this, I was just to anxious to get… More

  • Help with bulbs please!

    ...bulb is up when it is not nicely pear shaped. I'm planting alcea bulbs and they look like long stalks (2-3 inces) with roots on both sides. You can see new little white growths on one… More

  • Soak bulbs before planting?

    I read somewhere that in order to make flower bulbs unappealing to rodents and deer you can soak them in a solution, but I can't remember what the solution was. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance. More

  • Dividing bulbs/plants?

    ... I have always been a big fan of and went to town planting bulbs... without realizing that they need to be… More

  • Just planted some bulbs..

    This is my first time ever planting bulbs so here comes a silly question :0 . After I plant the bulbs, can I mulch over them? Or do I need to leave it bare? Allison More

  • I've a few question about bulbs I planted?

    ...ctober. The package said they would come up early spring-mid spring. But as I walked the garden on New Years day I noticed there are little… More

  • Do bulbs bloom the first year?

    ...tarting out in gardening and I was thinking about planting some bulbs. Do bulbs bloom the first year? I'm thinking about getting some canna and dahlia. I'm in zone 8b (Florida). I don't really know how bulbs work. I know that I've heard dahlia and canna both can… More

  • Spring planting of a Japanese maple

    ...ees in the fall as I know that's the best time to plant. I'm looking for a small tree for my backyard, and I think a Japanese maple may be the best choice. Would you recommend that I wait till the fall to purchase one?… More

  • Anyone Planting Bulbs right now?

    I put in new bulbs last week - BJs had some nice looking tulips and daffs - Polish Polka! Lovely pink - can't wait to see them bloom. Home Depot had nice bulbs too - large economy sized bags! I did the narcissus thisyear with white and yellow - love… More