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Planting & Growing Roses

Planting & Growing Roses Articles

Planting & Growing Roses Videos

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  • Planting in Sand

    ...orthern Michigan and it's on a beach. I'd like to grow wild flowers along the edge but it needs to be able to grow in sand. Any ideas? More

  • Planting Irises

    ...o care for them and how long it takes for them to grow? More

  • container planting??

    ...er. i'm am going to grow vegetables. is container planting suitable for a vegetable garden? my container is about 2 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep. is this going to be difficult? More

  • Moist/shady area planting suggestions?

    I have a tiny strip of planting bed next to my front walkway, right up against the foundation of my house that gets pretty much no direct sunlight, and stays fairly damp because of it. I've always been at a loss for what to plant there. I'm a HUGE hosta… More


    ...nue my garden for years to come by extracting and planting their seeds. Specifically, the tomato and cilantro tree, but a general… More

  • Growing upside down tomatoes.

    ...s a lot of babble from commercial interests about growing tomatoes upside down. Mostly about supplying the containers. There are few convincing pictures on the internet, so I… More

  • Planting seeds in summer

    ... in a new raised perennial bed. Is it too late to plant seeds directly in the ground? If I do will they grow very large or flower this year? I live in Central Texas and high temps are in the 90's. More

  • Companion Planting

    Does anybody utilize companion planting? And have you had success or failure? Im thinking of doing all companion planting this year. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Kris More

  • companion planting

    What is the scoop on companion planting? Does it work? Can you list who like whom and who dislikes whom? More

  • New beans 2nd planting

    My 2nd planting of yellow beans the 1st planting is in flower. Cant wait to have new beans ,taters and ham. More

  • Planting under pine trees??

    ...but they do shield us from the highway. What will grow well under them? Thanks for all replies. Brandy More

  • i need advice planting flowers

    ...ony garden, I really thought it wuld be very easy planting flowers,(from seeds) but NO!! all the other balconies around us are blooming with… More

  • Planting under Walnut trees?

    ...ve just found this forum and would love advice on plants to grow under my english walnut trees. The only plants that grow well so far are daylily and bleeding heart along with spring bulbs like grape hyacinth,daffodils and bluebells. Help a newbie out...please! :D Thanks More

  • planting in summer

    ...nyone have any ideas about what seeds I can still plant this late in the year? I have @ 1 acre disced up in a field and I want to put *something* there. I live in Courtland, AL which is zone 7. I also am pretty determined to… More

  • Growing lavender from seeds

    Im new at planting "from scratch", I know lavender requires a pot with well drainage but just to get it to sprout can I put it in a jar..kinda make my own small green house? More

  • Whatcha Growing This Year?

    ...pers in the ground right now, and I'm planning on planting squash, beans, and some more hot peppers, as soon as I get rid of a pesky groundhog.:mad: More

  • Knockout Roses

    .../c several folks told me it is one of the easiest roses to grow. I have never had roses and thought this would be perfect for a beginner. It has about 12 buds on it ready to open up. I am… More

  • planting pototoes

    ... need to make sure I get the right stuff! So, I'm growing them in tires, and forgot what they like for soil.… More

  • Where do you all buy your roses?

    Where do you buy your roses? I'm thinking of planting some in my new front walkway beds....Just not sure where the best sources/prices are! Thanks :) More

  • 9.00 planting and seed growing table

    :D I just wanted to show off! I went to the thrift store here on post ( Army Base, Fort Campbell ) one day a week they offer a free shopping for 15 minutes. You can take one large item a carry out that will not fit in a bag… More

  • What's the dealio on planting roses?

    ... the rose catalogs have stopped shipping bareroot roses, and I am considering adding one to my garden this year - I know locally the nurseries will have them until late summer, so is it too late to plant? Why? One catalog has a final ship date of 6/30… More

  • Help with roses!

    ... fellow gardeners. I have a question. Last year I planted a royal highness hybrid tea rose bush and a stem rose. Both of them bloomed well but we had to move in October so I replanted them at our new place with their root balls and as much of… More

  • mint planting??

    Okay folks, WHEN can I plant mint and expect it to survive? So by NEXT summer at least I can start clipping for my iced tea? I live in NW GA, north of Atlanta, zone 7 -- zone 7A if we must be specific. Our winters do commonly dip to… More


    ...ind of fertilizer should I use? How do I go about planting the potatoe? How long should I wait before checking for potatoes? More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    ...e and I planted some Lilies. The Lilies have been growing and blooming nicely these past two summers. We just recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • Shady/moist planting suggestions?

    I have a tiny strip of planting bed next to my front walkway, right up against the foundation of my house that gets pretty much no direct sunlight, and stays fairly damp because of it. I've always been at a loss for what to plant there. I'm a HUGE hosta… More

  • What kind of "TOMATO PLANTS" are you planting?

    ... see what kind of tomato plants everyone else are growing this year. Last 2 years I planted 444 and they are a nice tomato. Doesn't have so much acid in it and they are nice in size. As a matter of fact, last… More

  • Planting flowers in Singapore

    ...hlias and zinnias as well as a few other types of plant in Singapore. They are plants of Mexican origins so I suppose they might survive in a tropical country (or so I hope). Most of the data online didn't mention Singapore's zone, but… More

  • Growing garlic

    I really enjoy this website but it is interfering with getting anything done these days! There is so much good information that I just keep reading and reading and hours later I'm still reading! You all are great resources and I find myself continuely chucking outloud at many of the… More

  • Is it too late to plant roses?

    ...from Wal-Mart this last weekend and then got them planted a couple days ago. Only reason I got them were that they were clearanced out for $2 each. One was "The Fairy" which is one with clusters of mini roses and the other… More

  • No luck with roses!

    ... summer, but didn't do much and didn't bloom. I'm planting more roses, but maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. More

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