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  • Grow a hyancinth bean plant

    ...eral to grow on trellises or anything you have to support them. The bean pods are beautiful also. More

  • Depth to plant pepper transplants

    Hi. I'm transplanting my peppers today. I've had to wait because its been cold here in Michigan. My bell peppers look healthy although a little leggy. With the tomatoes I just buried the stem all the way up to the leaves because they'll root out of the stem and become… More

  • Help with House Plant

    I don't know much about plants or gardening, but I would like to know more about this plant. My grandmother gave me one several years ago. She was told it was a "lufsa" plant and is Norwegian. However, I cannot find any info on the internet for a plant by… More

  • Upside Down Tomato plant

    ...te is that I just got my first red tomato off the plant yesterday and it was delicious! However, upon closer inspection of the plant I noticed that the branches holding the larger green tomatoes have totally collpased. Seems like even though the plant is healthy… More

  • How I support my dog and plant habits.....

    ...og habit (we have 7 retrievers) and of course the plants.... and being a person that doesn't work a full time job I have had to come up with a way to support my various vices..... and this is what I do..... More

  • What is this plant??

    I have one of these and know not what it is?? also any information about it would be great>> thanks Karen. More

  • What to plant

    I am confused as to when to plant certain vegatables. I have carrot and spinach seeds, onion bulbs, collard and radish plants. I live in Maryland. Please tell me when I can plant these outside??? More

  • Mystery Plant my #2 Mystery Plant!

    OK I'll tell you this much; it is a cactus! LOL.:p More

  • What to plant under Buddleja? (Spring plant needed!)

    ...the garden looks very bare. Any idea what I could plant there… More

  • Incense plant?

    I googled incense plant, but received mixed reults. Does anyone know the name of this plant? Thanks! More

  • Jade Plant

    This is a Giant Jade plant grown by someone in the Huntersville, NC area. The plant can be found at the Dearness Gardens. It must be more than 2 feet in diameter and pruned to a tee and is 8 to 9 years old. Rachel you would have loved seeing… More

  • Oleander Plant

    Need information on maintance of Oleander plant. Can they be trimmed or cut back to make a 'bushier' plant? More

  • Is it a herbal plant?

    This plant grows well in moisture soil, especially when rainy day it grows faster and greener than before, soft foliage in shiny green color with white edge and sometime blooms a mini white flower, propagate by separate one plant into several plants. according to our local people, this is a… More

  • Need plant i.d. for pond plant

    ...ts on the water) -- but it's crowding out my lily plants. I don't know if this stuff is "good" stuff or "bad" stuff ... Hope the… More

  • What Is This Plant?

    Found this bloom on a plant (small bush) along a walking trail at the office park I work in. Small bush about 3-1/2ft tall. I do live in Texas so the plant I'm sure is drought tolerant. Any suggestions? More

  • Name that Plant Please

    Hi - Can someone identify this? It just started growing in my garden. More

  • Anyone knows what this plant is?!!?

    ...ers like a plastic flower, anyone knows what this plant is???:confused: More

  • What is this plant?

    This is the flower. More

  • my plant

    can some one please tell me what kind of plant this is? I got it for a present and it is very pretty and i would like to know how to take care of it More

  • Please HELP! I want this plant but don't know the name.

    We noticed this plant while we were out and We want to add it to our flower beds but cannot find out the name of it. Help please. More

  • Who knows this plant?

    hehe More

  • Does anyone know what this plant is?

    Can anyone identify this plant? More

  • Can you name this Plant?

    I will be happy if anyone could name this plant. Thanks. Lionel More

  • Name of the plant

    God Blessing! Do you know the name of this plant please? Thanks! More

  • when to plant

    ...m In Canada it is now April 22nd, 2009 what can I plant More

  • What is this plant?

    I have a new garden which includes this plant unknown to me. Any ideas please? More

  • When to Plant

    I received my plants to late to plant, snow. So I am now wondering when is the best time to plant them. The snow is now all got, I hope...but we are still getting frost. Will it hurt them if I plant them to early? More

  • Can anyone help me with this plant?

    Have this plant come up in my garden and just wondered what it is. Has silvery long leaves, but no flowers as yet. More

  • Plant Help!!

    I have these three plants and I don't know what they are. I need to know what they are so I can take care of them. Thanks!!!! More

  • Can someone tell please me what the name of this plant?

    My husband who does lawn work saw this plant and had me come over where he was working and take a picture. He would like to have this plant but I do not know what to ask for at a garden store. We live in Florida but I do not… More

  • What is this Plant?????

    A friend of mine has this plant and we don't know what it is. Any help? 77831 More

  • What is this plant?

    ...slane to me...the leaves are to thin to be a jade plant. More

  • Roma tom. plant too big!

    ...out my gardening skills with just one roma tomato plant. Since I don't really have a garden per say, I just dug out a large square in my backyard so I could replant it in the g round. It's sharing the square with two… More