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  • Caring for a pineapple plant outside

    :cool: Good morning. My son gave me a beautiful pineapple plant for Mother's Day. Now - I don't have much of a green thumb, and don't want to kill the plant, so am hoping for some help. It is in an 8" diameter, plastic pot. The plant has a pineappleMore

  • Pineapple Plant

    Son, who is keeping our pineapple plant that we rooted in his solarium, is worried that it may be pot bound. He says that it is about a foot tall now. When he waters it, he says that it takes a long time for the water to seep in. He's… More

  • Pineapple plant from fresh one

    I planted a top from fresh pineapple about 3 years ago. It is still growing as I winter it in the house and put out in the summer. I think they are a type of Bromeliads so is it possible that it might bloom? I know they only bloom once,so… More

  • Carrot Cake with Pineapple?

    I just made a couple of carrot cakes with crushed pineapple in them..I found this recipe in the back of my recipe box and decided to try it..Has asnyone else ever tried it? I sure hope it is good ..I will let you know Have a GREAT day everyone. More

  • pineapple mint

    IS is a take over variety, or can it be easily controlled. More

  • When does pineapple sage bloom?

    I planted some in June and it doesn't even have buds on it yet. I grew tangerine sage last year and it started flowering in July. More

  • anyone know? lol

    ... BOTH in 12 inch pots im corious if i add mint an pineapple sage will eighter the abricola or ficus have a fit? (both are… More

  • whats up with the leaves??

    i have pineapple sages an acouple outhers the leaves on the pineapple sage are more silver then green uhh whats with that?? i think my orange mints in there too with more orange leaves but it seems ta be gooin back to green oh an my stevia is gooin to… More

  • Darn, Lost This Recipe!

    I lost my pineapple casserole recipe. I've looked on the internet, but none are like "mine". Mine had crushed pineapple, eggs, sugar, butter.....then cubed bread mixed in, which were first browned in butter on the stove. I saw a show a couple of weeks ago and they replaced the cubed… More

  • rooting a pineapple

    ok so i know you can cut the top offa a pineapple an itill hopefully grow im thinkin of adding some rooting hoermone to the bottom of this one when we put it in water --there any amount to cut ant specal instructions? any info? More

  • Pineapple and Figs

    My store bought fresh pineapple is almost 2 years old, so it should have a fruit this year. My fig trees are just loaded with fruit. At every joint there is a fruit. John PS; I hope these are both fruits! More

  • Pineapple Plant

    I started this pineapple top in Oct of last year, and it slowly growing. It is about 2 ft wide now, but it will be another 6 months or so before I expect it to fruit. John More

  • Pineapple mint?

    I have a mint that I was told is pineapple mint. Does anyone have any suggestions on a use for it? Can I use it in tea? Thanks in advance. Tammy More

  • the care of pineapple plants

    hi all does anyone know how to care for flowering pineapple plant?? any help welcome and how long does it take to grow a pineapple?? More

  • pineapple sage

    Hello everyone! Would like to get some starts of pineapple sage?I have some hardy pear cactus that I could trade or I will pay the postage if someone would share with me?Thank you More

  • Pineapple

    My mom managed to find a pineapple at the store with its complete top. We cut it up for the kids last night and I am going to try to grow the top. Dont know if this late of season one will work though. My mom and brother did one… More

  • pineapple sage

    HEllo still looking for pineapple sage for next season since it is not hardy here in zone 6.I have some plants to trade or seeds or I will pay for the postage if need be?Hope someone can help me out here?Bye for now More

  • Pineapple tips

    Bought a pineapple this weekend, cut the top off and stuck it in some soil. As I understand it, it takes two+ years to see a fruit. Any tips out there on maybe speeding-up mother nature. (or is it "Not nice to mess with Mother Nature"?) More

  • Pineapple lily

    If anyone has a pineapple lily bulb/plant for trade I would really like this an would make a generous trade for it. Or if anyone knows were I may be able to buy this please let me know I would very much like to have it. RR More

  • Pineapple Seed?

    pineapple seeds anyone? I brought a pineapple from the grocery store and when I was cutting it up I noticed these little dark specks so I looked a little closer and saw that it was seeds!!! I was'nt sure that pineapples had seeds but now I know. For those of… More