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Pine Trees

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  • What type of tree to plant?

    ...yard. I have a huge bed of azaleas that are under pine trees and couple of hardwoods on one side of my yard. There are a few scattered pines and then another smaller bed that has… More

  • HELP

    ...weeping spruce tree in container and large bonsai pine. He flooded the plants after this to try to dilute. Help will this kill the trees? More

  • Tree moving Wisconsin

    ...ne 3 in northern Wisconsin. Spruce, white and red pine grow like weeds around here. About five years ago I transplanted about 40 small trees, and now the state is buying 30' from me actually stealing it. I have no choice in the matter, for extentending the… More

  • Prevent windburn on new trees?

    ...l 60 of my new trees. I have 55 arborvitaes and 5 pine trees, all planted this spring.... Thanks! More

  • Hello from Georgia!

    ... plants forum since 90% of my lot is covered with pine trees. Can't wait to get started! More

  • Need Help!

    Ok my pine trees (dont even know what exactly they are) have some browning and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what it causing it and if I can treat it. All of them have some of this and the neighbors do too. The last photo is of… More

  • Starting Over....

    ... with my project at the moment. I had to remove 5 Pine trees across the back of my yard. Now I nee to completely re-do it all. I live near Sacramento, Ca so it is… More

  • Blank Slate

    Hi, we recently had all the pine trees & stumps removed from our back yard. Now it's barren except for the small Leyland Cyprus trees at the back fence. We want some privacy and some shade to grow. My husband wants an American Elm but I am leary about the… More

  • Hello from New England!

    Hello! I just joined, I don't really have a garden yet. I live on the third floor of a "three-decker", so I have a large front and back porch, and I'm hoping to start a container garden. I see you have forum for that. I can also do some work… More

  • Pine needles?

    We have several huge pine trees and many needles. I see they take a while to break down in the compost bin and this past year I did spread a layer over the garden area. Someone told me that wasn't a good idea? I would think they would be good… More

  • Transpanting a norfolk pine

    ...d removed the wrapper and realized it is mulitple trees in one pot. I think they would do a lot better in there own pots but I have never transplanted these before. Any tips or secerets would be greatly… More

  • What do you think of these pine trees?

    You got it ZZ. I thought I posted this yesterday.... bit i don't see it now. Go Figure More

  • Hostas under the pine trees?

    ...ostas survive and do well if I plant them under a pine tree? I've been told some flowers won't because of the acid of the pine tree,… More

  • Planting under pine trees??

    Could you recommend something to plant under pine trees? I am not a lover of them but they do shield us from the highway. What will grow well under them? Thanks for all replies. Brandy More

  • HELP!! grass issues and lots of pine trees...

    So number one, I moved house not far from the last but sooooo much more space to plant... plus I own it so I can actually dig up the yard! yay! anywho onto the issue... There was an issue with the yard last summer where it was not watered at… More

  • What to do with all the pine cones..?

    My neighbor planted a row of pine trees about 15 years ago.. now I have pine needles all over the place and pine cones that have to be picked up and picked up and picked up.. LOL The question is... what do you do with hundreds of pine cones? More

  • White Pine or Trident Maples please?

    :) Does anyone live near any White Pine trees or Trident Maple trees and have an excess of seedlings or seeds? I would love some, if you don't mind. I would like to bonsai them. Please can some one help me?:p More

  • New pathway of leaves and pine needles

    ...white newspaper, then a layer of mixed leaves and pine needles....only, because I raked under my pine trees and have lots of leaves from my old english walnut trees. It… More

  • Norfolk Island Pine

    japetillo Wants to know ----- Norfolk Island Pine Trees Sep 11, 2008 | 12:11 PM PST I have a Norfolk Island Pine that is about ten years old. It has begun to lose some branches. Is this a prelude to its death? More

  • zone 3 ground cover under pine trees

    ...or a ground cover for zone 3 that will grow under pine trees, shade and dry? Any ideas? More