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  • Petunias and my moss baskets

    ...didn't keep the little tag that said what kind of petunia I was planting. I seem to recall the word "spreader." Not sure. Maybe the word was "wave." Whatever. It was a word that was not… More

  • Cocoa bean hulls mulch

    ...oot planting strip that i planted blue salvia red petunia and white lobelias. More

  • petunias

    can anyone tell me if there is a specific petunia that you need to plant for a hanging basket? or are they all the same? More

  • How do I switch my topic to this forum? Petunia problem???

    Hi, I think I must have posted my problem on the wrong forum ... I don't know how to switch it to this forum to see if I can get some tips. I put it on General Garden discussion and so far no one knows any more that I do… More

  • Ruellia

    ...ed this one in their pond? Common name is mexican petunia. I read somewhere that it's becoming quite invasive in waterways in Florida, but I'd like to know how it does in a backyard pond. Possibly it would just need to be kept containerized? More

  • New additions

    In the container: petunia, potato vine, coleus, spike, and dahlia. In the second container we're growing some green and red leaf lettuce. Out back, I put in some annuals...marigold, zinnia, and snapdragon, as well as blanket flower and an encore azalea. More

  • seeds

    i have canna-red hosta- dark green large verbena moss rose of sharon- pink marigolds- mix love in a mist- mix forget me not-blue love lies bleeding coneflower-purple morning glory- "violet feathers" broom corn(sorghum vulgar) radish lemon bee balm artemisia "sweet annie" parsley broccoli pepper-green i would like lavender living stones… More

  • Athens Texas cold weather

    Hi, I have some mairgold and pansy's and petunia and very small bachelor buttons in my flower garden. I am worried about the weather being to cold for them. The Marigold and Bachlor buttons I planted as seeds and they have just come threw about 1/2 inch the others were… More

  • advice on what to plant in my new idea, "flower garden shaped like a house"

    ...it like a house. So far I have put in a couple of Petunia's, pansy's, and marigold also I have planted bachlor button… More

  • Petunia leaf edges are turning brown

    ...ith red and white and dark royal purple and white petunias. They have the white ruffled edges. They have been doing great for over a month, and they have been flowering like crazy... I have noticed now that at the base… More


    These are the only 2 plants in my garden that are growing but when they bud the buds dry up before they open? Everything else is blooming and reblooming. My sister says maybe they are missing something or they've been poisoned. I did spray my lilly buds with the deer… More

  • Petunia seeds

    I have some double petunias still in bloom. I would like find the seed in them and not have to pay for them next year. Any help? More

  • How To Prolong Petunia's?

    :banana-wa Hello!! I have a purple petunia, it has become very "leggy" and looks as if it's about to stop blooming! It smells so nice, is there any way for me to prolong it to continue blooming? Should I cut it back? I've been pulling off the dead flowers as… More

  • Petunia's yes,no, maybe

    ...wer seed a while back. Planted them suppose to be petunia's or they were in a seed pack for petunia's.But guess what they aren't petunias.Some of them are baby's breath and blue touch-me-nots.Some haven't bloomed yet don't know what they are.I really wanted petunia's in my hanging… More

  • What's up with this petunia?

    Deformed or something...:surprised: More

  • petunia?

    nc, you have to dead head Petunias to keep the blooms coming so you did the right thing in giving it a haircut. Once it comes back into bloom remember to pick off the dead blooms and you should have a constant show of flowers. More

  • Hello. Will you help me? Miniature Petunia

    ...eet you. I am in need of help to save my Minature petunia. I have received minature petunia in the pot for mother's day. And I have been wanting to take good care of it but am not doing a good job. I do not have… More

  • Anyone know anything about the WAVE Petunia?

    I love million bells, for some reason I didn't get any this year, but I will for sure next year. More

  • petunia's,cosmo's,hibiscus,

    pics of my flowers,is there any special way to take care of cosmo's ,just wondering and wanted to ask, More

  • Proper Petunia Pinching

    ... brown thumb! My grandmother always had beautiful petunias everywhere - hanging baskets, along the border of her vegetable garden, etc. You name the place she would plant a petunia. My petunias always get stringy and never grow into nice, full plants. People tell me… More

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