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Pest Control & Disease

At some point, every gardening enthusiast will fight an epic battle with natural gardening pests and diseases. Whether it’s the neighbor’s curious new puppy digging up your vegetable garden or a field of dandelions plaguing your yard and lawn, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to build fences and plant cages, apply weed-controlling mulches, attract insect allies to your garden, and several other tips and techniques that can give you a leg up in the ongoing battle with pests and diseases.

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  • Northeast White Roses

    Hey Cob816, welcome to the Gang. Thy this site http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/horticulture/DG6750.html I know is says Minnesota, but it is a great listing of roses for zone 2-5, along with their idiosyncrasies. You can plant container grown roses for another month or so, don't need to prune until spring, Buy bare root… More

  • Hedge Apples

    ...les (osage orange) to use in the house as natural pest control. Have any of you tried this? The scariest thing in So Calif were Black Widows, they liked the dark and damp places and a wack with a flip… More

  • Pests in Herb Planters

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm so glad to have found it. Hopefully, my question has not been answered yet. I haven't found it in the search. Anyway, I have 3 planter pots (8" dia.) with Sweet Basil, Italian Parsley and Chives. There are what seems to be… More

  • Non Toxic Bug Spray

    ...ad a set-up were giving it out. Once I notice any pest problems I'll try this out and let everyone know how it works ;) It's from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: U.S.… More

  • Roma tomato bottom rot

    ...h a mix of Scotts Garden Soil and Scotts Moisture Control Soil. Also I have a wide variety of bell peppers mixed in. The reason for this… More

  • Lady Bug, Lady Bug... Lady Bug.

    I see quite a few lady bugs this year. I have not experienced the invasions that a lot of people are posting about. Some people that live in the same area do talk about them though. http://www.crabcoll.com/journal/ladybug.html There is a really long article at the link. Interesting information on the… More

  • Please Do Not Post in this Forum.

    ...Post in Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, or Controlling Pests, if you're lucky enough to be growing anything now. :D More

  • Pest controlling plants

    I found this chart of plants that repel garden pests. http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf29648744.tip.html More

  • Zone changes**** Found on the Web

    The bottom two maps are the 1990 climate zones, on the left, and the updated one to the right. Above them is a metamap showing which parts of the country had their zones changed, by how much, and in which direction. It is tempting to read both more and less… More

  • Muscidifurax Raptor

    ...want to read this or not. :) Pretty neat. Natural pest Control: Tiny pest-eating Insect Fights Fruit Flies ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2007) — Farmers and vineyard owners have a new weapon in their pest management arsenal. A commonly used parasitoid, or parasitic insect that kills… More

  • Dahlias coming up but eaten by slugs

    Iposted in the pest control section, but this is more a question of whether the dahlias will make it - they are just coming up through the soil, and slugs are eating the leaves voraciously. Some of the plants came up 6" overnight, and they just look unsightly, but others… More

  • organic pest control SNAILS/SLUGS

    How do you keep snails away from lettuce? I've tried trapping snails with beer but didn't catch a single snail. I also bought environment-friendly snail pellets, but they broke down very quickly. Has anyone tried copper barriers? What is the least toxic way to avoid them?:confused: More

  • "Organic Pest Control: Mustard"

    ...hought some of you might want to read. :) Organic Pest Control: Mustard -- Hot Stuff For Natural Pest Control ScienceDaily (July 29, 2008) — Researchers, growers and Industry specialists from 22 countries will share the latest research into the use of Brassica species, such as mustard,… More

  • Is the squirrelapult pest control or a joke or...?

    ...our post on the video to the Controlling Pest and Diseases Forum. We are trying… More

  • Admire Pro...supposed to be best pest control product..

    ...of Leaf miners. I hear it is the best product for pest control on Citrus and most other trees and plants. I typed a search and the only two relevant results were the Bayer… More

  • POLL what pest management do you prefer?

    ...r' please let us know what methods you prefer for pest control! :D More

  • garden pests welcome

    Wow! I just posted a NEW blog for pests! DUH Yes, I'm QUITE new to this site -- just joined earlier today. So I'm learning about balance. All my live, I'm learning about balance -- but I have tried so hard to IGNORE balance. Guess who lost this one? It… More

  • Good Morning from Beautiful NC!

    ...de, the better. I was actually looking up natural pest control for aphids and Japanese Beetles when I ran across this group. Can't wait to interact with you all. Take Care, C~ More

  • "Leave the Light on for Ya"

    ...heir way, so this weekend I'm going to refresh my Pesticide free "Bug & Worm" relocating skills. by removing them from my soil & existing pepper plants and get my soil ready for my fall Garden, so I'm posting… More

  • Raspberry Disease Help

    I planted a new raspberry bed last year. They are doing very well. I have experienced a very serious problem with a previous bed. They became infected with a maggot that eats the new growth while it is still dormant (late winter) and the new growth is then very weak… More