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Persimmon Tree

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  • persimmon trees

    We have a lot of persimmons this year and are considering trying to harvest. Don't know anything. I have heard it's best to let the fruit drop. Should I get nets like they do for olives? The fruit is so high, I couldn't get to it any other way and… More

  • acid or alkaline

    ... soil more alkaline? I'm specifically thinking of persimmon because mine drops lots of leaves in… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Do your homework before buying from this online nursery!

    The Nursery at Ty Ty seems to have many very dissatisfied customers. Evidently, they've had their name and negative comments removed from the Garden Watchdog website by threat of lawsuit. I just thought I'd warn everybody in case, like me, you tend to trust people. I stumbled upon some negative… More

  • New gardener in Japan

    ...) in the outskirts of Tokyo. The yard has in it a persimmon tree (bears huge amounts), a loquat, a kumquat, a… More

  • Flowering plant, foxglove/digitalis esque

    Greetings all! Pleased to meet you.... This is my first spring/early summer in my new (old) home and I'm frantically trying to identify everything that's growing here. This is my first go-round with already established grounds, so please be gentle if I ask about something that seems woefully obvious. Thus… More

  • My Japanese Persimmon tree

    ... wanted to share a photo of my Japanese Persimmon tree. It is loaded with fruit right now. More