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  • how often to water periwinkles??

    how often should i water my periwinkles and wedelias?? More

  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    This does not mean the whole plant but sometimes parts but is best to keep them out of reach regardless Plants Poisonous to Cats Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More

  • wanted lilacs

    My in-laws are both in scooters now and unable to care for their garden/yard like they used to. It has gone wild for about three years now but I have finally talked them into letting me clean it up and maintain it for them. I have most of the lean… More

  • These were growing with the periwinkles, and I just noticed them.

    I have periwinkles growing wild in my backyard. I thought it would be just the periwinkles until I saw these there. For the life of me, I know the name of them, but I just can't think of it off the top of my head. More

  • to help my periwinkles?

    ok, my periwinkles have stayed alive for three months. some have grown one foot wide, which is probably mature spread. so there is alot of bare ground waiting to be covered. since, i didn't want to spend more than $150 worth of periwinkles. i read in wikipedia that the stems… More

  • hard soil?

    ... hard soil. i looked up the soil requirements for periwinkles and wedelias. both accept all kinds of soil. will these plants grow through this rock like soil? or do i really need to fix my soil? More

  • my wedelias are exploding??

    ...oubled in just a few days. would this work for my periwinkles. the wedelias are flood proof plants. but i've… More

  • Indiana groundcover, too late to plant?

    I just did a major overhaul on the house I bought this summer. Pulled out over 900 gallons of landscaping rocks. There are still plenty of rocks embedded in the soil, as they were laid down years ago. I would like to start digging in a couple weeks, and get… More

  • rosemary

    ...mato Cherry Tomato Sweet Cherry Tomato Madagascar Periwinkle Adenium a.k.a Dessert Rose False Roselle *Commercial Seeds* Baby's Breath… More

  • looking for sunflower seeds

    ...er seeds to grow in containers. I have madagascar periwinkle, adenium and false roselle. I hope you don't mind posting to Indonesia. Thx Cheerz, Ka More

  • periwinkle vinca minor and weed killer?

    i have been told that periwinkles minor can survive weed killer. is it okay from me to spray around and on my vinca minors? More

  • Dear Periwinkle

    Dear Little Periwinkle, Everyone tells me how "invasive" you are... and how uncontrollable... how you will threaten to choke out the precious lives of those nearby you... almost vilifying you to the level of a WEED! :surprised: ;) So... my dear... WHY will you NOT grow for me??? :) :)… More

  • happy!!!

    ...cited that i decide to post pics of my madagascar periwinkle (catharanthus) hehehe.... the 1st pic was when i pick it up from an abandonend pot from somewhere... the 2nd and 3rd was the first bloom... 4th was when it started branching... More

  • Which groundcover?

    ...n. I've read up on wintercreeper, Pachysandra and periwinkle, but don't know which is best and/or easiest to grow. Perhaps another type?… More

  • What kind of fern should I choose?

    ...ny underbrush (there used to be wild honeysuckle, periwinkle, as well as naturalized… More

  • New list to trade

    ...S) Siberian Iris Zebra Grass Red/Yellow Columbine Periwinkle Sedums Alpine Strawberry Yellow Loosestrife Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine Yucca Dames Rocket (white, pink and purple) White Bush Honeysuckle Pink Bush Honeysuckle This is my wish list... Elephant Ear bulb… More

  • Removing periwinkle plants

    ...ive in a redwood forest next to a stream. We have periwinkle all over on steep hillsides. The stream is protected because of endangered Coho salmon and steel head so I cannot use herbicides. The periwinkle has choked out all the native plants, ferns, huckleberry, redwood sorrel etc. I… More