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  • Heirloom perennials

    ...e. Maybe a catalog company that sells them.Thanks gardening friends :cool: More

  • Rate your new perennials

    ... would be fun to share what we thought of our new perennials/biennials. Because they are perennial(biennial), include those that you planted 2-3 years ago as well: My faves: Crocasimia Lucifer, 2nd year- gorgeous foliage, fabulous red blooms that hummers love, didn't bloom until second year, but worth… More

  • Need Help In Chosing Perennials

    I moved from a house (which I enjoyed gardening at) to an apartment. I can plant some things, but because of operations, I have difficulty bending down. :( I would like to plant down each side of my walk-way and right now I have pansies which are almost on their… More

  • Are snapdragons perennials?

    ...y bought some. Now I am wondering if they will be perennial? I am in zone 8. More

  • Peppers are Perennials??

    I was just reading that although most people throw out pepper plants after the growing season, they can be taken inside and replanted the following year because they will reproduce again. Has anyone heard this? More

  • Fall garden

    I am in zone 7/8 and this is my first year of gardening. My spring garden was a success....educational too, that is for sure! Anway, getting ready to gear up for a fall garden and wanted any tips you might have! What do you normally plant in your fall garden?… More

  • What are your favorite easy care perennials?

    ... can be invasive, etc... Long blooming, easy care perennials can be a big help to those of us dealing with physical disabilities or time restraints. Sweetlebee pointed out… More

  • Wintering perennials in pots

    ...lf here, but I have never been able to overwinter perennials in pots, but I want to decorate my patio and not have to do ALL my containers in annuals... Hosta - does it need to come indoors, or can it stay in an unheated… More

  • General Guidelines for Fertilizing Perennials

    When should I fertilize my perennials? I use a compost mulch, but should I add an organic fertilizer too? Before bloom, after bloom......:confused: More

  • perennials for zone 6a

    Can anyone suggest perennials which would be hardy for my zone? Thanks. PM me. More

  • Perennials for full shade

    Does anyone have any suggestions for perennials (or shrubs for that matter) that will flourish in full shade? More

  • Hope my perennials are ok....

    I seen my yucca is looking rough....Such a hard time of the year....worrying about the temps and wind chill hurting my precious plants ..... More

  • Xeriscape Perennials

    ...this list of xeriscape perennials at High Country Gardens. I have never bought anything from this company so I know nothing about it. I just thought that the plant list would be helpful since everyone seems to be affected in some way by summer droughts and water shortages.… More

  • Perennials around large tree

    ...end suggested that I plant annuals. Are there any perennials that come in a small pot? I would need approximately three flats of impatiens which would be quite… More

  • Perennials

    Help!! I have daisys cone flowers and day lillys that need attention. Do I cut these back now or just let them be?? Thanks!!!! More

  • Question about perennials and mulch

    ...but second because I'm worried it will prevent my perennials from spreading. I want them to spread and fill out the areas they're planted in. For most of my plants this… More

  • Yellow Annuals and Perennials

    I'd like a little more yellow in my garden for summer. I have a lot of blue, pink, purple, and white so it needs a little punch. The only yellow I have is 'Moonbeam' coreopsis and black-eyed Susan. I can't think of anything else yellow besides daylilies. More

  • Winterizing potted perennials

    I'm currently stuck in an apartment and my garden is all in pots. I'm not sure what I need to do to winterize my flowering plants?! Any advise? More

  • Special Seeds Biennials and Perennials

    One seed I am looking forward to planting in the upcoming season is the Candy Mountain Foxglove! It is a hardy biennial. http://www.tmseeds.com/product/4471.html Most digitalis have downward facing flowers. This variety has flowers that face upward! Their fields of foxglove photos looks lovely too. Apparenty this comes in one color… More

  • perennials

    ...his gardening stuff. My mother-in-law dug up some perennial flowers to give us (no clue what they are). We are redoing the outside of the house so i did not want to plant them right away, i put them in… More

  • Sharing perennials

    Hi all, do you swap perennials here? I am way down in South Alabama. I just joined today. :o I love purple fowers and red roses!! Sher D. More

  • deadheading perennials?

    Does deadheading perennials help them to bloom more? I'm wondering if I should cut flowers off my bleeding heart, or if this is gonna be all there is. More

  • Top Five perennials

    What are your top five favorite perennials? Mine are: Coneflower Foxglove Blanket flower Nandina Butterfly Bush I know...hard to limit it to five! haha More

  • Bunch of perennials what are they?

    I am new to plants and gardening and I was hoping that someone could help me identify these plants! More

  • Perennials in pots

    ...anise hyssop in pots. What type of soil to I use? Garden soil or potting soil? I read that if you rub the leaves of anise hyssop on your skin it will repel skeeters. Will just the plant being on… More