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Perennial Plants

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  • Lost the name for this perennial ground cover!

    I started these perennial ground-covers from seed a few years ago and cannot remember the name of it! Grows 3 to 4 inches high and spreads indefinitly. Flowers are around an inch. Blooms from May into June. More

  • What is your favorite perennial that blooms in August?

    Looking for more color in my garden for August into the fall.. any ideas besides aster and mums? More

  • Help with this potential perennial :)

    Hello :) I have found a really lovely little plant -- a few of them. My neighbors are snowbirds and won't be back until June, so I have been getting their yard picked up a bit and I also cleaned out her front planter. My neighbor had put some Salvia… More

  • Can lantana be perennial?

    In Zone 6B? My neighbor across the road has one of the orange-red-yellow variegated types and it comes back from the root every year. It presents as a shrub and gets almost 6' tall and equally as wide. He has it up against the brick of his house, southwestern exposure.… More

  • I need a perennial help me decide!

    ...r I relocate a lavender, I have room for one more perennial in my garden that gets full sun. What would you choose? It's at the corner of a deck, middle of the garden bed. Orange crocosmia is behind it, daylilies, lavender, and sedum "Autumn Joy' surround it. My thoughts… More

  • cutting back overgrown plants

    ...back with a question. I have a rather sad looking perennial garden... (thats what happens when 3 of six dogs can jump the fence surrounding it) but in either case.... some of my plants are… More

  • Please Identify this Perennial Flower

    ...t the following picture: My grandmother gave this plant to me and she doesn't know what it is and I can't remember where she got it. She gave me some woody stems to plant in a pot. When it was spring again, the woody stems grew leaves and… More

  • Anybody know what this tree/shrub and perennial are???

    Hi all, I have a couple things growing in my front yard, in an unkempt area where I want to extend my garden beds. I have to decide what to keep, what to move, and what to remove. The goals of my gardens are not just beauty, but also to… More

  • Favorite long lasting perennial

    I am adding perennials to my garden and wondered what each of you have found to be long lasting or how you create a succession of blooms using various perennials. I have a few things blooming right now, but before my dayllies start in there is kind of a lull… More

  • plant identification perennial without flowers so far

    Its been a few years and I have not figured out what this is, nor do I remember any flowering, but this thing must flower in some way. Interesting aroma of leaves. Gets mostly shade with a little direct sun. Everything around it flowers just fine. What is it? Thanks,… More

  • Phlox Photo Perennial

    ...'m so happy it's doing well as I just divided the plant and transplanted it a couple weeks ago from somewhere else in my landscaping. You can check out other garden photos I have at: http://www.indianagardening.blogspot.com Happy… More

  • Neeed a short, sun loving August/September blooming perennial

    I just planted a little bed around my lightpost after my husband took out 3 overgrown, deer-eaten euonymous on Sunday. I have a Sarah Bernhardt peony, Mountain Sage, a light yellow coreopsis, and a campanula in there as well as some morning glories (to climb)and alyssum (transplanted). Can anyone suggest… More

  • Favorite new perennial

    Pink Double Delight Coneflower. I like it so much, I went back and got another one. The tag said the more you deadhead, the more it blooms, and it really does. It only gets 18-20 in. tall so it's a good size for the front of beds. More

  • Three plants need names!!!

    The first three photos are of a shrub(?) I planted several years ago. The people at our local nursery are stumped. I should have posted it here first! It is deciduous and gets quite large (over 5'), delicate leaves w/occasional clusters of small flowers. The second photo shows the growth… More

  • Planting a Perennial Garden

    ...know what else would look beautiful in with these plants? It is on the South-side of my shed where… More

  • What Is This Perennial?

    Once again, this lovely flower is blooming in one of my flower beds and I have no idea where it came from. Can someone please help me put a name to it? More

  • What are these plants??

    ...s some of you know, I've inherited a fairly large perennial garden, and I'm spending the summer seeing "what comes up". I've got three unidentified plants here and one strange tree (that I've trimmed on the bottom and still waiting for my husband to do the top). Can… More

  • Good filler plants for perennial borders

    I have some spaces in my gardens I want to fill in with annuals. What are some good choices that will stand up to the heat of summer, spread and flower through the fall besides petunias and marigolds? More

  • Perennial Websites?

    ...rder plants from. Most of what I'm looking for is perennials and herbs, but really I'll look at anything. If… More

  • No name perennial!

    I bought this little mystery perennial at a closing out sale. There was only one and it didn't have a tag, and the saleperson had no idea what it was!! It has small one inch blue flowers...which fell off before I could get a decent picture of it! Any ideas… More

  • Continous Blooming Perennial Garden

    ...all. Sooooooooooo I wiould like to add additional perennials so that I will have coninous blooming plants from Spring through Fall. The pesent plants were there when I purchased… More

  • Perennial used as Annual??

    perennial used as an Annual--what in the world does that mean??? Do you kill it off after one year?? It gets even more confusing (to me anyway ;) ) when it says it's a hardy perennial, but a half-hardy annual. So, does the frost kill it, or doesn't it?? In… More

  • New perennial needs ID please

    I found this perennial plant on clearance and couldn't resist it.:) It has pink flowers and variegated leaves. Unfortunately the name tag was missing. Could someone please identify it.....thanks. More

  • Favorite Perennial?

    ...or why it is a fav of yours , and pictures of the plant in question would be cool too. More

  • Define What a 'Perennial' Is

    ...o start growing flowers, but I'm not sure what a 'perennial' is? Where I live is always warm, year round. I figured it would be better to grow flowers that don't die off after they have flowered. So, if someone could help me out with the definition of… More

  • Planting Perennial plants..

    I purchased some Black Eyed Susan plants and Purple Coneflowers on ebay and just got them. Can I stick them in the garden now or should I put them in a pot indoors? Can emerging plants stand a light frost (just in case)? They come from mature plantings.. More

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