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Perennial Flowers

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  • very tall plant with yellow spike of flowers

    Anyone know what this is, many of you do I am sure. Appears along highway roadsides and the like. Popped up in my front yard and I have spared it and allowed it to grow without weeding it out, and though it has that weedy appearance, the huge furry leaves… More

  • What is your favorite perennial that blooms in August?

    Looking for more color in my garden for August into the fall.. any ideas besides aster and mums? More

  • Why Flowers Change Colors

    ...t more easily. http://www.essortment.com/articles/flowers-change-color_104524.htm Article written by Written by Cindi Pearce - Colorful flowers exist for pollination purposes--the pollinators, bees and birds, are attracted to certain colors. However, as gardeners we often select flowers based on their hue,… More

  • Help with this potential perennial :)

    Hello :) I have found a really lovely little plant -- a few of them. My neighbors are snowbirds and won't be back until June, so I have been getting their yard picked up a bit and I also cleaned out her front planter. My neighbor had put some Salvia… More

  • I need a perennial help me decide!

    ...r I relocate a lavender, I have room for one more perennial in my garden that gets full sun. What would you choose? It's at the corner of a deck, middle of the garden bed. Orange crocosmia is behind it, daylilies, lavender, and sedum "Autumn Joy' surround it. My thoughts… More

  • Phlox Photo Perennial

    I just love plox. This is a photo I just took this week! I'm so happy it's doing well as I just divided the plant and transplanted it a couple weeks ago from somewhere else in my landscaping. You can check out other garden photos I have at: http://www.indianagardening.blogspot.com Happy… More

  • Continous Blooming Perennial Garden

    ...all. Sooooooooooo I wiould like to add additional perennials so that I will have coninous blooming plants from Spring through Fall. The pesent plants were there when I purchased… More

  • Planting a Perennial Garden

    I am going tp plant a Perennial garden along side my shed that is 17' 4" by 3' I only have a Lilly and 10 Red Firecrackers and would like to know what else would look beautiful in with these plants? It is on the South-side of my shed where… More

  • Help picking large shade loving perennial

    I need help deciding on a perennial to replace the daylily that I am moving to my daylily garden. The area gets morning sun. I was thnking maybe I could put a trellis against the house and then put either a zebra malva or false mallow there in front of… More

  • Favorite long lasting perennial

    I am adding perennials to my garden and wondered what each of you have found to be long lasting or how you create a succession of blooms using various perennials. I have a few things blooming right now, but before my dayllies start in there is kind of a lull… More

  • Anybody know what this tree/shrub and perennial are???

    Hi all, I have a couple things growing in my front yard, in an unkempt area where I want to extend my garden beds. I have to decide what to keep, what to move, and what to remove. The goals of my gardens are not just beauty, but also to… More

  • Good filler plants for perennial borders

    ...t will stand up to the heat of summer, spread and flower through the fall besides petunias and marigolds? More

  • Favorite new perennial

    Pink Double Delight Coneflower. I like it so much, I went back and got another one. The tag said the more you deadhead, the more it blooms, and it really does. It only gets 18-20 in. tall so it's a good size for the front of beds. More

  • Perennial Websites?

    ...rder plants from. Most of what I'm looking for is perennials and herbs, but really I'll look at anything. If… More

  • small blue perennial flowers to ID

    Does anyone know what this is? My grandmother brought it to me yesterday from her own garden. She called it a bluebell, but it doesn't look like any bluebell I could find online. Thanks! More

  • Can lantana be perennial?

    In Zone 6B? My neighbor across the road has one of the orange-red-yellow variegated types and it comes back from the root every year. It presents as a shrub and gets almost 6' tall and equally as wide. He has it up against the brick of his house, southwestern exposure.… More

  • New perennial needs ID please

    ...n clearance and couldn't resist it.:) It has pink flowers and variegated leaves. Unfortunately the name tag was missing. Could someone please identify it.....thanks. More

  • Define What a 'Perennial' Is

    ...o start growing flowers, but I'm not sure what a 'perennial' is? Where I live is always warm, year round. I figured it would be better to grow flowers that don't die off after they have flowered. So, if someone could help me out with the definition of… More

  • plant identification perennial without flowers so far

    ...de with a little direct sun. Everything around it flowers just fine. What is it? Thanks,… More

  • Lost the name for this perennial ground cover!

    ...Grows 3 to 4 inches high and spreads indefinitly. Flowers are around an inch. Blooms from May into June. More

  • Please Identify this Perennial Flower

    Please look at the following picture: My grandmother gave this plant to me and she doesn't know what it is and I can't remember where she got it. She gave me some woody stems to plant in a pot. When it was spring again, the woody stems grew leaves and… More

  • Perennial used as Annual??

    perennial used as an Annual--what in the world does that mean??? Do you kill it off after one year?? It gets even more confusing (to me anyway ;) ) when it says it's a hardy perennial, but a half-hardy annual. So, does the frost kill it, or doesn't it?? In… More

  • Question about fertilizing flowers

    ...l, I just read somewhere that not all annuals and perennial flowers like fertilizer. I use Miracle grow on everything. So could you all tell me which flowers do not like miracle grow? Thanks More

  • Favorite Perennial?

    What is you fav perennial of all time ? You can pick more then 1 just tell us what you like about it or why it is a fav of yours , and pictures of the plant in question would be cool too. More

  • What Is This Perennial?

    Once again, this lovely flower is blooming in one of my flower beds and I have no idea where it came from. Can someone please help me put a name to it? More

  • No name perennial!

    ... no idea what it was!! It has small one inch blue flowers...which fell off before I could get a decent picture of it! Any ideas… More