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  • Are these peppers?

    ...as wondering if anyone could tell me if these are pepper plants. This is my first garden ever and I planted from seed. However, I planted with the help of a 2yr old who spilled seeds, so I can't tell what anything is. Are these peppers? I believe… More

  • supermarket peppers and seeds

    ...ou can dry and store the seeds from a supermarket pepper and use it to grow peppers? If so do they need to be fermented like tomato seeds? Or just dry them and plant them like I would out of a package? Will they… More

  • Unorthodox Peppers

    Has anyone ever tried growing chili peppers in a hanging basket? Is there a particular kind that's very good or bad for this? Thanks! More

  • Drying Bell Peppers & canning tomato sauce

    I have froze bell peppers and I have dried hot peppers. Can I dry bell peppers like the hot ones? Another question... I have made a great roasted tomato sauce, it says that it keeps in the fridge for 1 week and keeps up to 3 months in the freezer.… More

  • harvesting seeds tomatoe an peppers

    ...my moms actually) mr stripeys an a brandywine fer peppers theres my fooledja jalapenos an my mom has some various peppers too… More

  • Peppers dying

    We are growing our peppers in containers. We have always had good luck doing this. Now 2 of our peppers have up and died. Well.....not really died, just wilted away. One day they are big and beautiful and blooming, the next morning they are withered. What is causing this?? They… More

  • Hot peppers...ready?

    I need help! I've never grown hot peppers before and I don't know when they are ready to be picked! Do they turn color when they are ready? More

  • Ornamental peppers suggestions

    I was thinking of getting a pot of ornamental peppers to have in the house this winter. Has anyone had any? Are some better or nicer than others? Any problems with them? More

  • Banana Peppers?

    ...ly growing some nice, big, & plump HOT banana peppers! This is my very first summer growing anything, so I am very new to this whole gardening gig. I love it so much, so please, don't laugh too hard at my ignorance?:confused: I'm learning slowly about banana peppersMore

  • Peppers not growing

    I am growing a banana pepper plant. I got 4 peppers from the plant and that's it!! The plant is still growing tall and healthy-looking but the plant isn't friuting!! Help!! :confused: More

  • Banana Peppers & Tomato???

    ...uestions; 1. This is my first year growing banana peppers & my plant is loaded :) My question is on the tag is says peppers will turn red when mature, the picture is of yellow peppers & I thought they were ready to eat when… More

  • Garden peppers...

    Ok, I had to share these peppers with everyone. This is the first year I've had such a wonderful crop that I started from seed. I planted a variety of peppers, such as valencia, gypsy, early sunsation, rainbow mix, golden wonder, and cal wonder. I ended up putting out 35… More

  • Pickled Peppers

    I would love a bonafide German recipe. I did my peppers this morning but if I have another recipe, I can do somne more. I should have plenty of peppers later on. I cut the tops and tips off the peppers and then halved them. I cleaned out the seeds… More

  • Help with peppers

    I am growing bell peppers, and the leaves look healthy and the plant is big but after the flowers are spent it dries up and falls off not producing any peppers. This is the first time I've grown peppers. More

  • what peppers?

    What peppers is everyone growing this year? anyone trying some ornamentals? More

  • Cayenne Peppers

    I have picked about 7 cayenne peppers from my plant. Now I'm not sure what to do with them. Can anyone give me some ideas? In a few weeks I should have some banana peppers to pick also. I was thinking I could pickle them with a cayenne pepper???? More

  • Banana Peppers

    I picked my first 6 banana peppers last night!! Anyone have a good pickling recipe?? More

  • jalapeno peppers

    ...of any recipes where you could stuff the jalapeno peppers with cheese and then can them? My husband loves stuffed olives as a snack. We have so many peppers now that I need to preserve, but not sure how I would go about doing… More

  • Dried arbol peppers

    I bought a huge bag of dried arbol peppers for a display i was making in my kitchen and at the bottom of the bag there is like a thousand seeds! Does anyone know if the seeds of a dried peppers are any good for planting? I have no way… More

  • peppers & herbs

    i have found growing hot peppers near mild & sweet peppers increases the heat on mild peppers. will growing peppers like cayenne & jalapeno near my herbs affect the flavor on mint, sweet basil, etc.? More

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