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Pepper Tree

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  • bug proublem help peas?

    ok so this year i asked bout the bugs we had last year at the place i get my plants LOL they said aphids were what they were --there are EXTENSIVE pics on my seagate at my moms house-- i was more/less leave them alone get info fer next year… More

  • You will love this I know

    :broccoli::dancing t :banana-wa The only things I am sure I can eat ///// I have a mix I have been making for years now. It works like magic. To Feed plants, debug, de-thatch lawn, wash leaves, cause nutrients to penetrate to the roots, all in one The formula is like… More

  • New gardener in NC

    I just registered today because I have several questions. My wife and I just bought our first house and we are fortunate to have a good sized yard that has never been stripped of the topsoil like most of the new housing developments these days. It took a while for… More

  • freezer

    I want to get a freezer to store my harvest. But I'm not sure what size to get. I know it's highly dependent on garden size and stuff but wondering what size others are using. Growing up we had a large one in the basement that was bigger than the… More

  • From AcraMax Gardening Email Tips on getting rid of UNWANTED Pests

    What's Bugging You? By: Kathy Bond Borie Because of the mild winter and soaking spring, it promises to be a banner year for garden pests. I'm bracing myself for the onslaught. The slugs are rearing their ugly heads already, so I've been wearing thick-soled shoes whenever I visit my garden… More

  • Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

    I am giving another presentation at work next weekend...here is what I have come up with. This is the long version with some of the interesting tidbits included. For the handout I will scale it down to 3 pages. Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Anise Annual, Height: 18 to 24 inches… More

  • My own little magic cottage

    I grew up spending a few weeks each summer in this cabin... My Pap built it in 1980 as a retirement home for him and Gramma; unfortunately, he passed away in 1985 and didn't get to enjoy many summers here with Gram. My Grandmother and her mom continued to spend… More

  • "California Home Gardener"

    I visited mastergardeners.org which led me to "Garden tips for Los Angeles County" (other Cali. County info. available). Thought people from Cali might want to know about the sites and people from Los Angeles (are there any? :( ) would want to read the following I copied from http://celosangeles.ucdavis.edu/Garden_Tips_for_Los_Angeles_County/January.htm "January… More

  • heartbroken over my baby bell bitten

    ...d on the bottom of my container 1 of my baby bell peppers with a bite out of it...I think the culprit is the black squirrel that has been hanging around in my tree. Any ideas how to help..other than… More

  • Walnut trees & Tomato plants

    ...ees near my garden. Last year, I was able to grow peppers, zucchini, cucumber and beans, but not tomatoes. I've since learned that the soil near walnut trees kills tomato plants. I'd like to have tomatoes...any ideas for inexpensive containers to use within the garden? Raised… More

  • New to site with lots to trade!

    Hi all, I have a ton of different seeds that I can trade I will list a few, but let me know if you are looking for something specific! thanks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • Ornamental Pepper Plant?

    ...de that has what appears to look like tiny 1" red peppers. I have looked into ornamental peppers and Christmas peppers but they say the peppers stand upright and these peppers hang down. It almost looks like a bonsai shape to the plant… More

  • Pepper Tree

    ...er shot for me to upload here. One of my favorite trees! :D it is blooming now in our neighbors yard (property line). Its beautiful! More

  • supermarket peppers and seeds

    ...ou can dry and store the seeds from a supermarket pepper and use it to grow peppers? If so do they need to be fermented like tomato seeds? Or just dry them and plant them like I would out of a package? Will they… More

  • Flowering plant, foxglove/digitalis esque

    Greetings all! Pleased to meet you.... This is my first spring/early summer in my new (old) home and I'm frantically trying to identify everything that's growing here. This is my first go-round with already established grounds, so please be gentle if I ask about something that seems woefully obvious. Thus… More

  • Gardening in Zone 11

    ... potatoes, peas, cucumbers, corn, carrots, beans, peppers, chilli peppers, rosemary, mint, fennel, celantro, and parsley. I have… More

  • Mulch around base of trees

    ...r of mulch on my herb and veggie garden. My green peppers are… More

  • Deer Ticks in Containers

    Hello, again! I've been out of touch for quite a while. I'll post what's been going on in a more appropriate forum. My question of the moment, is: Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about deer ticks in containers? I've got a bunch of containers. My… More

  • Black Pepper plant and Chocolate Tree

    Purchased these two trees yesterday with high hopes. I've had some more free time in the morning lately and decided to go by Pine Island Nursery to look for some replacements for my lost citrus trees. I decided to go the extra mile and purchase two notoriously difficult plants to… More