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  • Why are they on the ground?

    :confused: Why are my beautiful irises & peonies falling down? Every year I have to rush out & cut them & bring them in the house rather than admire their beauty outside. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? Thanks, in advance. Ann :( More

  • Add a Sentence, Create a Story.....

    ...story. ;) Spring had finally arrived as the young peonies emerged from the rich soil promising a season filled with delicate beauty and a heady fragrance. More

  • Peonie Question

    ...n the start of redoing a flowerbed and i have two Peonies and I'm not sure how to go about moving them. Should I dig up the plants the way they are and… More

  • Peony/Pod Questing

    There are some peonies growing between our condo property and the vacant property next door, white ones. Currently they have no petals but they do have what I think is seed pods. I would like to collect them for a few neighbors who have been admiring them but can't get… More

  • All sun container gardening

    ...flower beds with 125 daylillies, over 500 tulips, peonies, verbena, and on down to a very small full sun area. Need ideas of what I can plant in full sun that will survive in a small area. Thanks and have a sunny day. Stella More

  • Delphiniums/Foxglove

    ... I successfully grow phlox, lillies of all kinds, peonies, hosta, campanula, roses, etc. Any ideas why these particular flowers don't like me? Thanks. Janet K. Edited, the thread… More

  • Help with Something for Part Sun Bed.

    ...ything else goes to sleep for with winter. I have peonies, astilbe, bleeding hearts, hostas, coleus, etc. But I want something evergreen that… More

  • Hi from Jackson, Michigan

    ... share and trade if anyone is in my area. Hostas, peonies, and seedum for the most part. I just planted some… More

  • what kind of tree to get?

    ...em to get real tall?Maybe 5 feet or so?I have two peonies in each corner of flower bed and need something else to plant in the middle of flower bed any suggestions… More

  • another i dont reconise

    ...o we had somethin kinda simalar but it was by the peonies an rises man were they pretty too it lasted acouple years too so yea whats this?? More

  • peony

    do you deadhead peonies?how far down? any help will be welcome. ty. More

  • Critter(s) munching clematis and peonies

    ... have munched clematis to below ground level, AND peonies to ground level? Rabbits don't, I think, like both, so do I have two different critters, or what? More

  • peonies

    ...his. Anyway moving from Md. to Va. will I kill my peonies if I move them now. Probably wont really go til August. :) More

  • Peonies in plastic barrel

    ...and gave me four more planters. I am wondering if peonies will do okay in the barrels. I have two peonies already but I would like to get more and then plant them in the containers. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. More

  • peonies

    I may not be in the correct category for this question, but here goes. I planted a peony last year for the first time. It never did a thing but sit there. Then it seemed to die. Gone completely. To my surprise a plant is coming up in that spot… More

  • Moving peonies

    Am I going to kill three 5-year-old plants if I try to move them? I have decided that the first place I planted them is not the best place..... Next question is, since they are spring bloomers, do I wait until they bloom to move them??? More

  • Help IDing this Peony

    ... the last 20+years. Someone else told me Japanese peonies have only been around our gardens for the last 10 years or so. Also… More

  • Help with Peonies

    Thanks, I thought it was fall. I have not fertilized. As far as pruning, I usually cut off the dead blooms when they finish -- usually in mid-June and then cut the foliage back almost to the ground in late fall when its dying. Up until this year I got… More

  • My Peonies don't smell

    They don't have a scent either :) I have a three year old peony bed in my fron yard, in the sun, protected from wind, in good soil, well drained, I feed it, I water, I cut the spent blooms, and I cut it back every year. I did my… More

  • Cutting back peonies

    I moved into a house that has a huge row of great Peonies already planted ~ but I know nothing about them. Once Peonies bloom, when is the right time to cut back the stems? Do you have to tie them back and wait for the stems to turn brown,… More