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Pecan Tree

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  • S*** on the mountain

    ... Enjoy!! The trees to the right are 2 50 year old pecan trees that produce a fairly good supply of pecans every year! More

  • Eddible or Not?

    ...a home with some lovely features. We have several pecan trees, two apple trees, a muscadine vine, and an old tumble of a green house. Well, the apple trees were old and both died. And it has take five years to get a handfull… More

  • Veggie garden in PM sun

    ...m is, my backyard faces south and there are large pecan trees on the east side of the yard. They shade out all of… More

  • About as new as new gets...

    I moved to NC from NM a couple years ago, and bought a house for the first time. I hadn't even mowed a lawn since I was a kid! So here I am in a land bursting with living things - and dead things quickly let you know it in… More

  • New here

    Hi all! :banana-wa I am new here and a novice gardener. I am a SAHM with three children ages 4,2 and almost 3 months. I live in central Arkansas. This looks like a great spot to get some advice from people who have been doing this longer than me. I… More

  • Do your homework before buying from this online nursery!

    The Nursery at Ty Ty seems to have many very dissatisfied customers. Evidently, they've had their name and negative comments removed from the Garden Watchdog website by threat of lawsuit. I just thought I'd warn everybody in case, like me, you tend to trust people. I stumbled upon some negative… More

  • Crepe Myrtle Red Rocket

    Found a 'Red Rocket' Crepe Myrtle :) that my hubby and I had promised one another. If any of you has experience with this particular CM, do let me know how it grew for you. I was told by another vendor that they are not as hardy as some other… More

  • New Roses To Plant

    ...nd the only spot I can plant them in is around my pecan tree in my backyard. They would get full sun there but I'm wondering...will the pecan treeMore

  • acidic soil

    I just bought a house with a huge pecan tree in the back yard and a smaller one in front. I've heard the leaves shed tannic acid into the soil and it's difficult to get anything to grow around the trees. DOes anybody have any info they could share about… More

  • Stuck in the middle....Dry shade

    On One side....a mature pecan tree...On the other side...a mature cypress tree. In the middle-a flower bed that needs help. Any ideas? The cypress drinks water. Lilies have done very well in this flower bed...However, those lilies don't last all year. What can replace those lilies when they have bloomed… More

  • Cedar Mulch and ants

    I have always read that red cedar mulch is a fine mulch to use. I have esom e land with way to many cedars so I bought a 6" chipper to utalize it rather than burning when I am clearing out. I assumed that cedar mulch would repel pest since… More

  • What type of tree to plant?

    I'm looking for suggestions on what kind of tree to plant in my front yard. I have a huge bed of azaleas that are under pine trees and couple of hardwoods on one side of my yard. There are a few scattered pines and then another smaller bed that has… More

  • Nuts about pecans!

    ...very year for him and when DH sugested we plant a tree in our yard i decided i had to have a pecan tree. But what type.… More