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Pear Tree

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  • Peach tree produces...pits

    ...go. The property came with several apple trees, a pear tree, and a peach tree. All the trees produce edible fruit except the peach tree. This tree simply produces fruit that is barely larger than the peach pit itself and is… More

  • Quiz

    This is a quiz for people who know everything! I found out in a hurry that I didn't. These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers. 1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until… More

  • Help with Pears Please

    I have pears on my pear trees this yr, one has none and the other one has lots, first time that i've had alot of pears, they are still hard, do i leave them on the tree until they soften up or do i pick them now before we have… More

  • What is this beautiful tree, Please?

    ...ful tree might be? I was originally told it was a Pear but after doing a little research, I don't think that is it... Thanks...I hope! Sully More

  • peach tree help

    My peach tree 2 years ago had tons of little peaches, They really didn't get very big, but the fruit was plentiful. My parents picked each and every one for jam. Last year the tree didn't bloom. This year there are buds on branches but the branch looks dead. It… More

  • please take a second look at the zoomed in pic

    ...y think it might be some sort of fruit tree, plum Pear perhaps? But I really cant remember. Planted it late last fall during one of those frenzied end of system sales at the… More

  • For Gerbera Daisy Lovers!

    ...t had to buy 8 of them to put around my flowering pear tree. So take a look at… More

  • Dwarf fruit trees

    :) Hello, Ok so here is my first (of many I don't doubt) fact finding missions. Although I am no where near planting anything ( I have a great deal of de-jungelising to do first), I do have to buget, and to do so, it would be nice to have… More

  • Fruit Trees (mainly peach & apple)

    ...ith a number of fruit trees - 1 apple, 2 peach, 2 pear, 3 plum.... I think that's it. I know absolutely NOTHING about fruit trees! Out of all those the peach is… More

  • Fig Tree!

    ...ck. It's a funny story, Randy. I don't like fresh pears. So when we moved in I was pretty underwhelmed by the concept of my very own pear tree (yawn). I literally tried to neglect it to death. It survived a drought, then 19 inches of rain in one month,… More

  • Pears!

    Our little Keiffer pear tree produced a huge, for it's size- about a 2" diameter trunk and 10 ft tall, crop of pears this year Proabably about 40. Poor thing, it's little branches were almost breaking under the weight of all the pears, I had to bungee them together :)… More

  • Pear And Peach Tree Help

    Last Year My Kids Gave Me Two Pear Trees And One Peach Tree. The Nusery Told Us We Would Not See Fruit For 3-5 Years. Well They Were Wrong, I Have Peaches And Pears Everywhere. I Am Not Sure How To Care For The Trees To Make Sure We Have… More

  • pear tree question

    I have a pear tree that had its first crop--a very large crop--last year. This year there is not a single bloom on the tree. It is just starting to leaf out--but no blooms at all. What is the problem? More

  • pear tree question

    I have a pear tree that had its first crop last year--a huge crop--. This year there is not a single bloom on the tree, it is just leafing out with no blooms. What could be the problem? More

  • Bradford Pear Tree

    I had a Bradford Pear tree rmoved last year , had the stump ground down and wood chips hauled off. Now this year I have little Bradford trees coming up in the shrubs and in the grass from the roots of the removed tree, I have tried everything I know… More

  • Pear Tree: From 25 to 3 in a few days

    ...basis and I need help with a few. I have a little pear tree and this is it's 2nd fruiting season. Last year we had about 7 or 8 pears. It didn't… More

  • How many pear trees are needed?

    I am thinking of planting a pear tree or two this spring but I am not sure if I can only plant one tree and expect fruit or not. I know some things need two to produce. So how many do I need? One or two and what kind do… More

  • Bradford Pair Tree Question

    Bradford Pear Tree are they suppose to have large throns on them? My sister's has large throns on it. Does anyone know why? I have a Bardford Pear Tree and mine don't have throns. I will post some pictures of it. Any help would be appreciated...thanks...reba More

  • Asian Pear

    Asian pear doing great also. First I thought the tree is grafted then I thought it's not :rolleyes: , thought I need another for polination. I guess it is grafted after all, don't need another pear tree! :D Will update pics. I know this tree will need supports for the… More

  • Pear tree

    I have a fruit pear tree (not ornamental) that I planted last spring. There were a lot of limbs coming up from ground level. The leaves were different from the other limbs higher up the tree. I noticed a place low on the trunk that looked like it had been… More

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