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Passion Vine

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  • passion flower

    i have been told that some passion flower vines are easier to start than others? enlighten me AND do most of these beauties invite butterflies too?! Nicole More

  • 2008 Trade and Want List

    HAVES Seeds Seeds · Achillea - love parade – 2 · Alyssum – 2 · Bleeding Hearts – wild – 1 · Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells – 2 · Cherimoya – 1 · Clematis – Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle… More

  • Growing Passion Flower from seeds

    ...ruits that I'm hoping I will be able to grow into vines. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with this. I live in SE Wisconsin (zone 5/6). How should I prepare the seeds to be ready for indoor germination and… More

  • Hello to all gardening friends

    Hi Everyone, I am on the east coat in Md. I have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I would rather be working in my garden than doing any other other chore I can think of. It is like a tonic for the soul. :-) Soon,I will be able to plant… More

  • Flowering Vine for my Balcony Lattice

    ...en but it didn't work!:( Photography is one of my passions and I have… More

  • Passionflower

    I have a beautiful passion flower plant a friend gave me two years ago. It is in a very large tin pot. Last fall I brought it in and put it in my basement with plant lights on it and kept it watered lightly. All the leaves dropped of, but… More

  • Updated Trade List

    Seedlings · Datura - Lavender – 3 Black Metal – 12 Discolor – 2 Triple White – 3 Triple Yellow – 1 White – 5 Triple Purple – 2 Double Purple – 1 Purple – 3 Fleur De Lilac – 8 Double Yellow - 10 Seeds · Achillea - love… More

  • Spiders!!!

    Yesterday I removed the cover off our grill and a huge Black Widow was right by the propane tank handle. I ALMOST grabbed it when I reached to turn on the grill. This is the 4th BW I have killed in about the last 6 months. The last one was… More

  • seeds Red passion flower??? (passiflora manicata)

    ...passiflora manicata) I am very interested in this vine!!:p More

  • passion flower

    ... have a photo but i, got some seed from a passion vine but i always see vine with leaves that have ten petals , but mine is four petaled do you think it still is a passion flower , it hasn't flowered, does anyone know the species More

  • Passiflora caerulea

    My passion vine flowered today!!! The buds take forever to develop, I was getting worried they would never open. Here are a few pics... More

  • sprouting hummingbird vine seeds

    ...snatched them up, now I have a lot of hummingbird vine seeds, but couldn't seem to get them to sprout. I know it's too late now, but does anyone have any idea of a good way to sprout them?… More

  • Let me Re Introduce myself

    Hi everyone. Lynda here, it's been so long since I was here I thought I'd better re-introduce myself. I live in Spokane, WA. My DH & I have a med sized yard and veggie garden that we have been revitalizing for the past couple of years. A few years of… More

  • passion tea

    does any one know what part of the pasion flower vine you use to make tea :D and do you dry it . oh and does any on know if it is the same tea they use at Starbucks. because if so i can save a bunddle with making my… More

  • Passion flower vine

    Hi Beeyoutifull Welcome to GG . More