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Passion Flower

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  • My new passionflower is blooming!

    The passion flower I bought 2 days ago has a gorgeous red bloom on it!!! This is a pic from a website- I believe mine is the same cultivar "Passiflora vitifolia 'Scarlet Flame'". I took a pic of mine, but don't have time to upload right now :) More

  • wanted seeds

    ...lo, they are an Italian boy who collects seeds of Passion-flower sp. and Hoya sp. you can help me sending someone to me of Your seeds? thanks, Fabio Luca :0 More

  • Overwintering Passion plant

    My husband was given a cutting of a Passion flower plant two years ago - we planted it in a container last year and it did well on our porch - took a while but we ended up with a good number of blooms. We're in zone 5 and I… More

  • 2 Beauties

    HI.. Here are 2 of my pride and joys!! A Passion Flower and a Clematis..:p Elvina More

  • passion tea

    does any one know what part of the pasion flower vine you use to make tea :D and do you dry it . oh and does any on know if it is the same tea they use at Starbucks. because if so i can save a bunddle with making my… More

  • sprouting hummingbird vine seeds

    I found some fat seed pods while walking my dogs and snatched them up, now I have a lot of hummingbird vine seeds, but couldn't seem to get them to sprout. I know it's too late now, but does anyone have any idea of a good way to sprout them?… More

  • A massive failure

    .... I planted hardy hibiscus, butterfly bushes, and passion flower. The hibiscus had a few seeds germinate, but only 5-6 of over 100... I don't know what I did wrong. My father in law passed away and… More

  • climber for part shade

    Looking for a climber in a southeast corner, not sure just how much shade, but hostas and impatiens like it there. There are trees above - on top the 12' rock wall. Zone 5a, by the way. What climbers should I try? Clematis? Honeysuckle? morning glory? If it doesn't bloom… More

  • Passionflower

    I have a beautiful passion flower plant a friend gave me two years ago. It is in a very large tin pot. Last fall I brought it in and put it in my basement with plant lights on it and kept it watered lightly. All the leaves dropped of, but… More

  • Mystery Plant

    This plant (actually there are two of them together) came up in my garden and dispite the drought and heat it has flourished. The stems are deep purple. It has not bloomed. I planted several kinds of seeds way back in the spring in the spot it is growing but… More

  • Passion flower

    Ok I am so hooked on this plant now..LOL Blame it on Rashell..hehehe:) If anyone has seeds or cutting of this to share I will give you my first born child for it...lol, ok serious..I would love to trade if anyone has this to share.;) RR More

  • seeds Red passion flower??? (passiflora manicata)

    Would anyone have seeds from the red passion flower (passiflora manicata) I am very interested in this vine!!:p More

  • passion flower

    i have been told that some passion flower vines are easier to start than others? enlighten me AND do most of these beauties invite butterflies too?! Nicole More

  • passion flower

    ...s four petaled do you think it still is a passion flower , it hasn't flowered, does anyone know the species More

  • Passion flower vine

    Hi Beeyoutifull Welcome to GG . More

  • Growing Passion Flower from seeds

    Hi. I recently acquired some unripe passion fruits that I'm hoping I will be able to grow into vines. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with this. I live in SE Wisconsin (zone 5/6). How should I prepare the seeds to be ready for indoor germination and… More

  • Clematis or Passion Flower

    i THINK I just found out these are two different plants....... species, etc. can anyone think why i would think they are the same, or has anyone else mixed them up OR what is my problem. :D More

  • Passion flower "Blue Bahama"?

    Does anyone know what species this variety is? I really want to know if it's edible also. Thanks. More

  • Unknown Passion Flower

    Could anyone please identify this Passflora variety which I purchased as P. 'Lilac Lady which it obviously is not. Lawrence More

  • Passion Flower

    ...Hardy Hibiscus seeds -- the seller sent some free Passion Flower seeds. I thought I would give them a try and I sowed them on May 6th along with the others. I have been doing some research... and found out: 1. PassionMore