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  • Hello

    Hi My name is Tony Living in U.K. love my (our) garden summer or winter, the plants and the birds cheer you up when the the world gets you down. Spring has just begun here but its still to cold to sow anything,Veg is my favorite, my wife sees to… More

  • A vegetarian meal from the garden. Why we grow vegetables.

    http://xrl.us/rmub 7 September 2006. Today I prepared a vegetarian meal from produce in my garden. The vegetables were picked and pulled, cooked and served. The pictures are annotated in the bottom left of the enlarged photograph. The drink was made by beating watermellon and frozen cranberies in the blender. The… More

  • Parsnip problems

    ...s now and I'm having very little succsess getting parsnips to come up. I actually have trouble with most root crops, but not as bad as the trouble I have with parsnips. I have sandy soil, but I've put down compost and tilled… More

  • Parsnips

    Does anyone have experience with parsnips and could give me some advise, I am in zone 5, so a bit cooler. More