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Pansy Flower

Pansy Flower Articles

  • Pansy Fast Facts

    ...g many different species of the Viola flower. The pansy is immensely popular amongst… More

  • About Pansies

    pansies were first cultivated in England in the 1830s. Recognized by their "faces," pansiesMore

  • Facts on Pansies

    ...orful pansy plant is a delightful addition to the flower garden. This biennial plant… More

  • Facts About Pansies

    ...ng both Pansies and violets. Pansies are a single flower with five rounded petals… More

Pansy Flower Videos

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  • Flower bud bug

    ... all: Something is boring into and then eating my flower buds. Whatever it is has gotten in my pansies and columbine.:mad: There is a tiny hole in the bud and then when it opens the flower is all deformed. I haven't the faintest idea what to even look for… More

  • Show me yer bloomers!

    ...a lone snapdragon and my rosemary has little blue flowers. If you look closely you can see the rain on… More

  • zone 5, ok to start planting outside?

    I'm with Sass - noting that likes warm weather can go out yet. Average last Frost date is 4-29 for Milwaukee. and usually don't put anything like tomatoes out till memorial weekend unless you can cover them or bring them inside. I have carrots and spinach outside. I started sweet… More

  • Novice need help with flowering bowls

    ...f the day. I've shortlisted the following for my "flowering bowls". (Will mix & match 2-3 plants per container based on… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Kitty litter bucket??

    Hi! I'm new here, just found this site while searching via Google for info on pot size for tomato plants. I have a kitty litter bucket (actually, TONS of them!) that I thought I would use. It's about 9" X 12" and 15" deep. It originally held 40 pounds of… More

  • Robin Nesting

    ...Robin who keeps on trying to build a nest in my 2 flower boxes which currently have pansies in them. Any ideas besides tapping the window to make him change his mind? More

  • Do you think a grasshopper did this?

    ...atever it is, it is only eating my white pansies, flowers only? More

  • Athens Texas cold weather

    ...and petunia and very small bachelor buttons in my flower garden. I am worried about the weather being to cold for them. The Marigold and Bachlor buttons I planted as seeds and they have just come threw about 1/2 inch the others were… More

  • advice on what to plant in my new idea, "flower garden shaped like a house"

    ...ouse. So far I have put in a couple of Petunia's, pansy's, and marigold also I have planted bachlor button… More

  • Plant ID very tall yellow daisy like flower without the petals

    ...irements. Tall 5 foot plus, marigold-like leaves. Flowers could be described simply as buttons - just like shasta daisies without any petals. In my opinion it can be an attractive… More

  • Seeding flowers?

    ..., he didn't think you can just get seeds from any flower, that some would have to be pollinated first? It may sound ignorant, but I have always assumed you could just get seeds from any flower that's reached it's potential and/or… More

  • Can/should I try to save these pansies?

    ...ots). Now they are past their prime. I still have flowers on them but they are sparse and smaller than before. I live in zone 6, and I think that the hot weather has really done a… More

  • Monkey Faces

    ... was growing up, I remember picking little Purple flowers with yellow centers, about 4" tall, in my gram's backyard. They resemble mini violets, but they grow wild. I am trying to figure out what their scientific name is so that I can obtain some seeds or grown plants… More