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Pampas Grass

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  • Evergreen shrubs

    I have two evergreen shrubs that I can't recall the name, but all I know is that I really hate them and want to replace them with something else. They are those low-to-the-ground numbers that are supposed to be good on slopes for erosion control, etc. CAN'T think of the… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Clematis Question

    ...are getting enough sun, to sort of under my giant pampas grasses where they will get full sun during the spring/summer and can climb through them. I don't cut back… More

  • a bunch of seed questions

    ... seeds, pomegranate seeds, and lavender seeds and pampas grass seeds? forgot to ask this. i left crape myrtle seeds in a unheated garage since may. will the still germinate? i soaked them for 24 hours then sowed them More

  • What is your favourite grass?

    Mine is pink pampas. I want that grass so much. What are your favorite grasses? More

  • Pampas grass

    The landlord gave it a haircut yesterday morning - he thought it was a weed! It's about 6" to 8" tall now. I'm in what seems to be zone 8a going by average low winter temps (microclimate in zone 6). How often can I fertilize to encourage it to grow… More

  • Pampas grass seeds...

    Well as I have the seeds already, I'm going to try! I'm not really worried about them being invasive as there's plenty of space but I think I may well buy a few half grown ones as well ... as usual, I'm in a hurry! Thanks for your help. Gigi More

  • pampas grass

    when is the best time to cut the grass back. i think ive cut it back in the spring. help. More