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  • cactus/palm???

    I received this gorgeous uhmm cactus/palm three years ago for Mothers Day and it was about 8 inches high, well it said 8 inch potted plant and it wasnt the pot, so I assumed, the plant..lol..Well there were no ID tags on it so I never figured out what it… More

  • Washington Palm Roots

    A Washington Palm next to my patio has extended its roots onto the surface concrete to the extent of about 3 feet diameter and a depth of about 8-12 inches. I'd like to cut the roots back to the tree and reclaim my patio space, but I'm concerned about doing… More

  • Date Palm Indoors?

    ... mention anecdotal stories of people growing Date Palms indoors. I LOVE dates after working in the middle east a fair bit, and granted you can buy the dried or even ripe dates in the US relatively easily but they can be hit and miss.… More

  • Please help me ID this palm =)

    Hello =) I've got what appears to be some sort of palm that isn't doing very well, and hasn't since I inherited it. Can you help me identify it, so I can figure out how to take care of it? [if you have advice on that end too, it would… More

  • saga palm..again

    I looked everywhere for my original post about her. I just wanted to show ya, she is having her babies again. :D More

  • Need help with sago palm!

    Hi all, I recently purchased a sago palm houseplant. It has just three fronds, and they were kind of yellowing when I bought it two weeks ago, but it was the only one the had, and I really liked it (I sort of felt like it needed me, just like… More

  • Spider mites on parlor palm

    Does anyone know how to get rid of them without commercial pesticides? Is there a spray that can be made from common household things? More

  • Areca Palm

    Interested in any suggestions about care of this house plant. Have one in living room and gets limited light (AM) and then exposure to lamp during evenings and early nights. It is getting brown on tips and losing some branches. More

  • Sago Palm help!!

    I think it is dying. It is inside near a window, but not in direct light. It is browning on some leaves. It is also very rootbound (I am working on fixing but don't know how).... More

  • Acai Palm

    ...e this is the right forum, was torn between tree (palm) and fruit (acai berry). Has anyone had any success with growing these in Zone 8b? I know it doesn't tolerate cold but other than that I'm clueless. More

  • sago palm seeds or pups

    I am still in a desperate search for sago palm. Cannot find it anywhere in my area. If anyone has this please let me know. Thanks:p More

  • saga palm

    I bought this palm from Destin, Florida in 2001 and it was only a foot tall, look at it now, I really like this plant..alot! More

  • What kind of palm is this?

    Can someone tell me what kind of palm is this? I need to know what it is so I can take better care of it. Thanks. :confused: More

  • Palm Tree's

    Just curious how everyone feels about palm tree's. And what everyones favorite palm is. I am planting a bunch of palms in my yard, I am starting alot from seed and have purchased some from plant sales. I am trying to create a tropical paradise in the back yard. I… More

  • My Palm tree is drying out

    ... is a picture of my Dragon tree plant and my baby palm. im not sure what this palm is called, i know the name starts with an A. Anyway, some of the leaves are drying out. How can I save this little guy? Ive never really had a problem… More

  • Replanting palm tree

    ...zone 7, North Carolina, and need to move my 4 ft. palm tree to another location. When is the best time to replant this? More

  • Cardboard Palm Tree

    ... don't remember it. He also called it a Cardboard Palm. It has long flat leaves and grows very slowly in shade. It seems as though it grows horizontally as well as vertically.… More

  • Corn plant, cataractarum palm

    ...orn plant that is 2-3 ft. high and a cataractarum palm. The tag on the palm says average hieght of 24 inches, but mine is 4-5 ft tall. Anyone have any advice? Thank you. Also my peace lily hasn't bloomed in a long time, and… More

  • dragon palm yellowing

    thanks in advance! i was given an 'abused' palm a year and a half ago and she's thrived...now has 3 'heads' on one stem...since last week, however, i have yellow leaves dropping off (especially on the head furthest from the base). too much or too little water? i never water… More

  • Wanted: Palm seed

    I'm looking for palm seeds. More